Leadership of Tony Fernandes Essay

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Today, he has fulfilled all of his childhood dreams and he attributed this kind of to thinking big and having the bravery to follow his dreams.

Despite having no prior experience inside the airline industry, he even now went in advance to acquire a great airline. With regards to venturing into an industry he previously no preceding experience in, Tony Fernandes said, “It really was a small amount of stick your finger surrounding this time and optimism the best. ” [3] It truly is evident that Tony Fernandes was not a person who was scared of taking risks and this can be illustrated by many cases. Acquiring an organization that was heavily indebted coupled with having zero knowledge in the airline industry was seen as a dangerous move on his part.

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Actually he subject his residence to purchase the airline for just one ringgit, which has been accompanied with $11 million of debts. [4] In addition , during those times, the flight industry was not faring perfectly either as a result of 9/11 dread attacks. [5] Despite all the odds piled against his favor, he still experienced the courage to pursue his fantasy, which is without a doubt admirable. Even if running his business, he can unafraid to take risks and stay the first one to try new pleasures. Venturing in to the low-cost carrier industry was obviously a risky go forward his component.

While cheap carriers had been pretty much set up in The united states, Ireland and U. E, as well as most Europe, many of the airlines in Asia had been still rich, well-established and often, state-owned air carriers. This risk, it would seem, repaid in the end because evident in the reality nearly a fifth with the Asia’s airline seats have become supplied by low-cost carriers. [6] He is as well one of the first CEOs to utilize the power of social media networks to sell entry pass and market his airline. Air Asia is considered the initially airline in Southeast Asia to bring in e-ticketing system, bypassing classic travel agents. This kind of saved the airline USD 8 per ticket intended for issuing physical ticket. [7]