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MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC 1 . Describe the organizational traditions at Matsushita Electric Company (MEC). In what methods has it traditionally been ground breaking? Give cases (at least two). installment payments on your a) Identify MEC’s journey into internationalization. b) Where you might classify these people now regarding their phase of int’l development? c) And how do you classify their particular managerial mentality (parochial?

Ethnocentric? Geocentric? )? Give traditional examples (& contrast w/r/t the company’s tenets of globalization) to back up your answers (to every single of a, b, c above). 3. Since the late 1990’s (post KM’s death), how well has business management prevailed in propagating KM’s method to innovation over and above the Japanese tradition? Give specific examples of success and/or issues.

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Q4. Precisely what is needed to increase cross-cultural supervision within MEC? CASE TWO LEGO Exactly what LEGO’s principles and corporate identification?

How did these develop over time (prior to LEGO Media Int’l)? How would Lego’s organizational structures & policies grant int’l conjunction AND clearly reflect the company’s idea in equifinality? How do LEGO positively reduce limitations to interaction?

Give instances of some of their internal communication procedures & suggest which interaction barriers these practices helped to reduce. Identify the organizational culture @ UK Lego (Lego mass media Int’l). What is the evidence that this, too, believed in equifinality? When you compare it towards the corporate PROFANO identity, might you say that this (UK Seglar culture) is usually an example of Corporate (Danish) LEGO’s cultural dominance? Cultural prevention?

Cultural hotel? Cultural Endanger? Or Ethnical Synergy? Describe why that represents the form of c/c conflict resolution that you’ve stated it does.

CSE THREE NOVO NORDISK What problems/challenges would NN confront prior to aide? Describe how a facilitating group was created (nature of the diversity/homogeneity, and just how people were picked into it). Was this consistent with the “best practices” intended for creation of multicultural clubs? Explain. What was/were the objective(s) from the facilitation endeavour?

Was this a schedule or ground breaking task? Identify the process in which the NN facilitation crew managed ethnical differences _(BETWEEN THE PEOPLE OF THE TEAM AND THE UNIT/PROCESS GROUP WE WERE HOLDING FACILITATING)_. Provide specific cases to demonstrate their strategies of differentiation, the usage, and their usage of external opinions. What’s the evidence that the facilitation team been successful? Explain with regards to both job outcomes (alignment to business goals) & social results (emergent states of common trust, communautaire identity, and confidence inside the facilitating team’s ability to obtain its task).

Can C/C Management with the NN design of facilitation be a way of accomplishing alignment in other (non-Danish) MNCs? Why/why certainly not? CASE FOUR SULZER INFRA What problems was Sulzer Infra facing prior to creating its fresh vision? Were these well structured or ill-structured problems (Explain)?

How did it come to acknowledge these because problems? The fact that was the new Eye-sight about? & What problem did it present? How would the Vision/Strategy 2002 software & Sulzer Infra School set about looking to meet individuals objectives? Specifically, (a) who was involved? (b) what were the some major aspects of knowledge obtain that were meant? And (c) What was the main focus of each with the 3 times?

What was the intended function of the arts component of this program? What were the planned functions of the”P-teams” & the “Know-How ring”? In what ways had been they supposed to cooperate?

Through the program, what helped to bridge c/c differences and which c/c issues continued to be a challenge? Through the perspectives from the UK & Dutch offices, to what magnitude were know-how management objectives (e. g., dissemination & utilization goals) achieved by this software? Based on these types of views, how do Sulzer Infra have improved their software?

CASE FIVE PURIFYING A PICTURE What duties do businesses have to consumers who rely on a line of products, one of which includes exhibited a fatal, but potentially solvable, defect? Would Baxter recognize responsibility pertaining to the deaths too quickly? How personally responsible is a CEO for a local product-liability issue? Was Baxter ethically required to close Romney Plant?

May Baxter include ethically attemptedto shift blame for the dialyzer defects to 3M or to the organization that owned the Romney Grow a few several weeks before the problems? What honest responsibility did Baxter must pay back to the personnel at the Romney Plant that it closed in the wake with the Dialyzer turmoil?