Operational Management at Mcdonald Essay

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One aspect of facilities layout to get McDonald’s is the fact when consumers come into the building, they get in line in one of several lines and wait to be offered. In contrast, customers at Wendy’s are asked to stand in one line that snakes throughout the front in the counter and to wait for a machine to become offered.

Each staff at McDonald is taught to change jobs within shifts and this makes resource management during optimum and off peak several hours manageable. All the time there is enough staff available to take care of organization and overall effectiveness is improved Drawback to this method includes large rental space to support large functional facility. It might also become very costly in staff training. Workforce efficiency are not usually related to the quantity of staff working on a task, and productivity variance may tilt negatively to get McDonalds within this.

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Operating expense are very high and unless this is well managed, it may not necessarily end up being profitable. Logical for Wendy’s approach The rationale for Wendy’s “old fashioned” hamburgers could be traced to the history of not successful attempts to outperform the competition which came up with the low profile structure. Wendy’s hq shifted to Dublin after a merger with Triac, Arby’s parent business and the incredibly conservative design of European organization. Structure of business is very simple and easier to manage; it does not envisage much growth and cater mainly for the bottom line.

It may need less space and solutions to manage. As well less products on hand and therefore less operating expense, however this will likely also influence on profitability. Problem with this approach comes with disorganized property during top hours, disappointed customers because of longer hang on times for service.

Wendy at some point was also think for sanitation and this approach would add more for the problem.