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Tetu Aberdare Drinking water and Sewerage Company was established in season 2006 below CAP 4&6 of the Company’s act of Kenya to supply services to Tetu District residents through provision of water and sanitation providers. The company gives its consumers clean and price water through pipes right form the intakes in the forest to the customer’s individual homes and businesses. The company is regulated by the water action 2002 which stipulates just how each institution in the water sector works. The company gets raw water from the source and goodies the water on the treatment performs. The water can then be purified and chlorinated prior to distribution for the customers through the piped infrastructure laid out in the complete service provision Agreement (SPA) area.

To operationalize its mandate TEAWASCO has set up a strong organizational framework with a plank of directors and management staff. The business has put in place governance tool including the affixing your signature to of a code of carry out for the corporation of directors and performance agreement of management staff, TWSB and DWO. The conditioning of governance instruments will continue with all the development of company has better sewerage providers which will support industries and a growing downtown population in order to contribute to achievement of Kenya perspective 2030 and National and international desired goals d)Giving home water preferential treatment above other uses at the point of hysteria. e)Providing use of safe and potable normal water to all by year 2015.

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This required writing of minutes pertaining to various group meetings, noting any evaluation built during the meeting, invitation advisors or associates of the procurement unit to describe submissions or perhaps provide specialized advice where required. In addition, it involved studying of prior meetings a few minutes, deliberation and ascertaining the members present and those lack of with and without apologies. Keeping in mind noting virtually any evaluation produced during the meeting, attending meeting of evaluation and choice of the bidder.

Making Reviews On Numerous Procurement Activities This have been daily duty that involved liaising with department heads to supply needed departmental studies for submitting and hence loan consolidation communicating through the different departments remained a serious activity updating them of meetings, outcomes their performances and developments as per the rapid results organization policy. Starting General Purchase Clerical Works i. e. Maintaining Of Records This entailed making certain all financial obligations have been documented. Maintaining a great approved up-to date vendor/supplier database around the accounts payable system. Invoicing approved group and transitive accounts with all the appropriate promoting documentation.

Preparing, publishing and distributing procurement and fingertips opportunities which include invitation to tender pre-qualification document and institutions to get expression appealing coordinate the receiving and opening of tender files. Maintaining very safe guarding procurement and disposal documents and record compliance with regulations. Managing The Inventory Inside the Organization – involved an assessment with the stock issue like conformance with the established timelines of completing of order focuses on, designing of appropriate forms for the supplies in the relation to the department along with redirecting the departmental heads on how to fill these form.

Further this included balancing of stock ledgers on the close of the day coming from all categories of items using the receipts and accounts for day’s ascertainment. installment payments on your 3 AN ANALYSIS OF LEARNT EXPERTISE AND UTILIZED SKILLS Social Skills: – At TEAWASCO I was in a position to interact with various people such as the clerks, the contractors and supplies, alongside the internal and external customers. Conceptual Expertise: – For TEAWASCO, I was able to interact with various persons like the sales person, the companies and suppliers, together with the internal and external customers Conceptual Skills: – At TEAWASCO I was in a position to plan merit of the daily delivery survey and also strategy how the deliveries are to reach the various buyers.

Inventory Control: This is the activity of knowing what materials are shopping, what to always be ordered and not to be purchased. Stock Issues: – It was mainly to issue ordered materials to varied departments inside the organization. Table Checking Of Materials Delivered: – this is done by assessing materials provided as to the buy document and its specification. There was clearly an interaction among the staff.

The products clerks accustomed to receive the invoices from the finance office within the strict supervision of the industrial manager Record Keeping: This aided me personally to gain the ability in stuffing documents and feeding info into the retail store card (bin card) Stock Taking: This helped me really know what to purchase for more materials, what manufacturer to add and what never to be purchased A PROFILE COMPETENCY installment payments on your 6 STRATEGY FOR UTILIZATION OF CONTRACT ESTABLISHED This assists me once there are task advert opportunities at the firm I can very easily communicate so that they may seek the services of me?nternet site was qualified and had experience at their very own organization Marketing: This is because I could give the TEAWASCO contracts to some other pupils who want to learn to acquire the feeling I have. Analysis Finding: This can help me when you are performing my analysis assignment by providing the research customer survey to the staff at TEAWASCO so they can assist in finding in the unknown understanding.

SECTION three or more These actions are highly valued by the users of the contemporary society. Recommend that the core ideals of procurement should be followed so that professionalism and reliability can be maintained. Recommend improvement of bureaucratic practices, professionalism and doing work relations and partnership with current world, continually turn work quality, observation of professional and technical criteria and frequent reviews. Recommend the organization for the establish of an effective and successful financial and operational platform for increased accountability and transparency.

As most people are happy to associate and work with responsible and transparent organizations. Suggest my institution for the ability granted to have the experience in the organization like this. Students must be keen during the attachment to gain more knowledge during connection.