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2 . Is the proposed reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling consistent with management’s responsibility? a few. The case identifies two ideas of managers’ fiduciary work (p. 9). Which do you favor: the shareholder getting pregnant or the corporate and business conception? Did your stance really make a difference in this case? 5. Should Mr. Marriott advise the recommended restructuring for the board? Marriott Corporation (A)

1 . Why is Marriott’s chief financial officer proposing Job Chariot? What is the assessment of MC’s financial condition? Is this project necessary for the company’s survival?. installment payments on your Is Job Chariot consistent with management’s tasks? To bondholders? To investors? To the general public? 3.

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The truth describes two conceptions of manager’s fiduciary duty. Which do you favour: the shareholder conception or the corporate getting pregnant? Does your position make a difference in cases like this? 4. Ought to Mr. Marriott recommend the proposed restructuring to the board? 5. That will be affected by Task Chariot? Will need to MC generate any snack bars to the bondholders?


Ans. 1

Job Chariot entails a conflict with client positions] between the investors and the bondholders since in this instance the debt getting held by simply Marriott Corporation (MC) can be risky.

Project Chariot should create MII with low debt and HMC with high personal debt. Thus bondholders will find that their expense gets associated with risky property assets whose appreciation is uncertain. Meals management the major section of MC remains with MII. Hence Project Chariot aims to offer shareholders the organization upside and bondholders the real-estate disadvantage. Hence this kind of appears to be an instance of risk shifting. Investors stand to find while bondholders will lose in the event Project Chariot is executed.

Ans. a couple of

This seems to be a case of ‘Cashing out’/’Wealth Transfer’ in which the ‘overall’ riches is being transmitted from the connect holders for the equity slots. The following items lead all of us to the path of it like a ‘wealthtransfer’ form of conflict: 2. Chariot can lead to a loss to bondholders and an increase to investors as the bonds will be downgraded by rating agencies and the earnings of the bondholders will be mounted on a heavily indebted duty * Total Debt will become more dangerous, and you possess will be downgraded to ‘below investment grade’ level

5. MC would be divided into two separate businesses. MII might do MC’s lodging, food, and facilities management businesses, whereas HMC would keep MC’s real estate holdings as well as concessions in toll tracks and in air-ports, Hence relationship holders will have a claim about only the payoffs of HMC and not MII. So , because of the above factors ‘Project Chariot’ seems like an instance of ‘Wealth Transfer’ conflict of interest.

Ans. 3

We believe in the broad watch of administrator responsibility. We think that managers should not just consider the interests of shareholders nevertheless also the interests of bondholders, staff, and other related parties. This kind of responsibility is definitely even more important in the case of a B2C company just like Marriott. If they get¦

1 . In the event the Project Chariot is implemented i. elizabeth. Marriott is divided into a couple of companies Marriott International(MI) while using risk free profit generating operating hotel and service business while the different Host Marriott(HM) a might own Marriott’s hotel and undeveloped property businesses and also other non services businesses, this will affect the following players:

a) Shareholders:

Shareholder now have vast majority stake in a corporation having a lower likelihood of standard while each of the risk can be transferred to debts holders. So all the risky investments are quite leveraged with bond owners exposed to raise the risk. On the other hand MI backed mainly by shareholders equity and performing assets and thus could issue new debt elevating value to get both shareholders and the organization. Thus the shareholders would gain at the expense of bond slots and the equity value with the company would increase.

b) Bondholders

Bondholders had a great deal to lose as according to Project Chariot almost all the debt would be assigned to HM. Given the issues in real estate property and resort markets there were a concern of HM’s capability to meet their debt payment and there was a high probability of default. This meant that the risk was issued for investment class but now was not backed by important assets from the companies that have been to be unique off to MI which has been to be backed with equity. The significance of the bonds would fall substantially as well as the bond slots would loose a lot with their investment.

c) Management(The Mariott brothers)

The management increases from the spin off since it will be able to split its distressed possessions from the income driving property and there is a new company which was certainly not under problems thus helping them maintain their administration positions and start from scratch. They will concentrate on key businesses as a result improving efficiency and worth. d) The value of the whole business:

The generate does not produce value to get the company in general but only distributes the¦

What: Below Project Chariot, Marriott Corporation (MC) could become two separate firms. The new business, Marriott Foreign Incorporated (MII), would contain MC’s places to stay, food, and facilities management businesses, in addition to the management of its life-care facilities. The existing company, has been renowned Host Marriott Corporation (HMC), would maintain all MC’s real estate coalition and its credits on toll roads and airports. For what reason: This task is being suggested because the economical slowdown back in the 1980s and the 1990 real estate market crash kept MC owning many newly developed homes for which there were no customers, together with a huge burden of debts. The new organization (MII) may have the economical strength to make capital to be able to take advantage of expense opportunities. The current company (HMC) would undertake the recently developed houses and most with the existing financial debt.

HMC would be valued intended for the chance of appreciation inside the property loge when the housing market recovered, certainly not on the basis of earnings, thereby minimizing the pressure to sell homes at despondent prices. 2- The fiduciary duty of management is to the shareholdersbecause they are a lot more than creditors; these are the actual owners of the company. Management can be entrusted while using responsibility to increase shareholder benefit and their main focus must be on buying projects that accomplish that task. Mentioned previously in the case: “U. S. tennis courts had kept that companies have no duties to safeguard the interests of bondholders apart from those said by the terms of the bond indenture.

3- I actually first looked at the initial industry reaction; the change as a result of October 2, 1992 (pre-announcement) through October 7, 1992 (post-announcement). I actually used March 7 intended for my primary market response because in 1992 a large number of people might have continue to relied about newspapers intended for investment info. In addition , I assessed this narrow period of time separately since widening the product range of dates used to assess the change in prices may enable other variables outside of Project Chariot to come into enjoy. However , My spouse and i also looked over a wider range of period [October 2, 1992 (pre-announcement) through December thirty-one, 1992]. If you possibly can reasonably suppose no extraneous variables afflicted the prices during this time period, widening the number of date ranges assessed can give an idea with the impact to prices after the initial industry over/under-re¦