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Nobody answered Gwyn yet , and when he saw that everyone was sleeping and didn’t want to be awoken because of the drink and food they had, this individual decided to escape. In his air travel he required the queen with him, who was the only person awake. The legend is actually symbolic and Gwyn stands apart as a great exemplary personality who has been singled out in the entire persons for solution: “After several hours Gwyn did start to get worried. It was having quite darker, no-one acquired come to ease him yet and bad weather was preparing. The storm became very much worse and a hole appeared in the wall. Gwyn rushed to the main tower system and grad the bell as loudly as he may, but simply no help arrived. “(“Welsh Legend”) the fact that he will take the princess with him enhances the meaningfulness of the flood and the resemblance with the account of Noah: not only is Gwyn the savior from the princess, but he turns into thus the only representative of his country plus the beginner of any new race of people. The princess symbolizes thus the perpetuation of the race through Gwyn. Likewise, like in Noah’s story, the folks are punished for the sinfulness and the indolence that produces them eat and drink so much that they forget about their own safety.

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One more remarkable Welsh legend is definitely the Fate with the Children of Lir. Devoid of bearing much similarity with the other two mythical reports, the tale is also really interesting for its key characters. It might easily be said that Aoife, the better half of Lir, plays the most important part in the story. After Lir seems to lose two wives or girlfriends, he unites Aoife that is in charge of his four children from Lir’s previous matrimony with Aoife’s elder sis. Seized with blind envy, Aoife decides to eliminate the children, although not being able to homicide them the lady puts a spell on them and they are changed in swans. The tale is as a result very interesting mainly because it emphasizes the importance of the swan as a mythological figure in Welsh literature. Aoife is therefore obviously endowed with supernatural, magical capabilities. She is no entirely evil character, since she proved unable to actually murder the kids: “Out with you, children in the king, the luck is definitely taken away from you for ever; it really is sorrowful the storyplot will be to your pals; it is with flocks of birds your cries will be heard for ever. “(“The Destiny of the Children of Lir”) Moreover, your woman repents for her deed after and attempts to soften the spell your woman had solid by making the children retain their sense and their speech: “But then repentance came on Aoife, and she said: ‘Since you cannot find any other help for me to provide you with now, you might keep your personal speech; and will also be singing lovely music in the Sidhe, that would put the men of the earth to sleep, and there will be simply no music in the world equal to that… ‘”(the Destiny of the Children of Lir) in the end, the lady herself can be transformed into a witch of the air as a punishment. Aoife thus represents the power of jealousy to coin evil. Additionally, her part is rounded up by the fact that her action leads to the respect the individuals thereafter experienced for the swans.

The mythical and legendary heroes thus include essential features and beliefs proper for any certain tradition.

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