Mud City Book Report Essay

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Mud City by Deborah Ellis provides a person or self turmoil. Throughout the book, the main personality Shauzia is constantly battling with very little so the lady can make her way coming from Pakistan to France. When justin was fourteen and living in current Pakistan, this lady has many things to cope with each day which include other people who generate her uncertainty herself. But , she is identified to finish her journey and prove those individuals wrong.

Mrs. Weera helped Shauzia in to the refugee camp. Although some people would destroy to get into there and have any kind of food and shelter, Shauzia wants more. When she asks to get paid for all of her services that she has done in the camp, Mrs.

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Weera forbids even the thought of it. You don’t know what it’s like in existence. You’ve been taken care of. You won’t be able to manage with your own’ (Ellis 19).

Shauzia was furious at this time accusation and made up her mind quickly. She would leave this camp and demonstrate herself to Mrs. Weera. But when Shauzia had been provided back to the camp after having a very interesting voyage alone in Peshawar, the lady realizes that they can don’t care if the lady proves very little or not really.

To Shauzia, it looked as though Mrs. Weera did not care enough to possibly pay her any interest. So Shauzia devised an idea to go into the locked flour shack and demonstrate herself once more by thieving flour for her part of camp. But as she was running from the shack a man got the flour out of her biceps and triceps and proceeded to hit her.

He increased his provide and criticized his closed fist into Shauzia’s head. Your woman dropped towards the ground. Her head struck the dirt with a thud, and your woman watched the person run off with her flour (Ellis 133). She awoke in a hospital bed using a broken lower-leg and cast sometime afterwards. All your woman could think about was just how she got failed to maintain the flour in the man.

Children always seem to think they may be smarter than adults. Regardless if someone says not to do something, they try to prove how cool they are by doing it anyways. Shauzia continually do this throughout the book.

Ultimately she locates that the simply person she’s proving what you should is himself. She decides to continue her journey with someone who she always believed needed to be turned out wrong Mrs. Weera. In the long run, Shauzia knows that other people haven’t always been her problem.

Her problem is herself. Finally at the beginning of yet another journey, she detects that this regular battle with herself has come to a close.