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Therefore , Nag poets work with poems to try and tell the Nag tale. However , despite all these memorandums and political and legal actions that Nags acquired undertaken, in October 1954, Indian submitted over 54 thousand Indian troops and forcibly annexed England to India. The Nag Hillsides have been occupied by the Nag people around 150 AD where Claudia Ptolemy (Claudia Ptolemy, Geographic Volvo VII (it) s. 18) describes their existence. The risk of occupation and annexation has constantly checkered a brief history of the Nag Hills.

In 1228 ADVERTISEMENT, the Ahem rulers led by Full Shaped fantastic great army were repulsed in their work to conquer the neighborhoods of England. Following this a war was unleashed wherever official figures puts the amount of Nags murdered at over two hundred thousands of from the sass till the modern day time. The actual figure is higher than that. Towns and granaries were burnt, women raped and mutilated, men tormented and killed, children created to fatality. Starvation and Disease ruined a third of the rural inhabitants. Killings among Indian military and Nags have reduced though there are stray instances of Military services excesses leading to civilian fatalities.

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However , the Armed Forces Special Powers Action has been in push from the beginning from the conflict, which empowers the Indian Army to criminal arrest and get rid of on suspicion, any Nag citizen. Therefore England is still a battlefield where faithful citizens happen to be caught inside the crossfire involving the two soldires and victimized by unjust Indian regulations. The sass were darker desolate years where various Nag men Joined the Nag Military to battle Indian aggression on their royaume. Outnumbered, they witnessed the desecration with their women, their lands and the places of worship.

A few members of the Nag military services marched to China and Pakistan pertaining to arms. Individuals who stayed about Nag ground lived throughout the horror of these years and wished they’d never recently been born. Thus, this poem was inspired: They brought in their deceased by night Their proud warriors, their particular mighty warriors The fearless beloved of the gods Unwind under troubled skies And battle-scarred gets That a few portion of a vanquished discipline May forever remain Great britain, forever Great britain. The fantastic fields, they will lay unwrapped As blood vessels freely ran And mingled with the rains And stained the virgin mobile soil

Like a thousand scarlet sunsets Back side of the blue, blue hills. Their minds too grieved to attention the harvesting Maidens halted song and mourned the brave kinds And blindly followed a broken folks who turned all their backs And slowly wandered away From a burning small town, a burning up village. And there were several in foreign lands Who also still chatted of Saloonkeeper While her fields place barren and desecrated Her songs sacrificed to the wind Her warriors to the Superb Spirit They will trampled her silent hills And squeezed the life out of her And rinsed their guilt in her blood.