Negative Leadership Behavior Essay

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Published: 13.11.2019 | Words: 363 | Views: 353
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My poor command experience for Staples seriously addressed many poor command characteristics. The management crew showing deficiencies in energy and desire by simply not nurturing if nearly anything got completed right or perhaps got done at all. They will set low goals on their own so that they can feel like they were accomplishing a thing, but would try to pawn off the true work on to their employees.

They wouldn’t listen to any kind of ideas from their employees because they felt like they understood it all. That one was very difficult for me because I can’t stand employed by someone that I actually am smarter than, however they think they may be smarter than me. The leaders generally there also lacked any type of authentic leadership skills or any real skills by any means (AG Careers). I couldn’t sell whatever unless I would personally be presently there to do the task.

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Almost every time I found work I had fashioned to deal with an irate consumer because my own manager did not do what he had promised them. Poor leadership not simply makes the workers suffer, however the company suffers as well. To solve this problem, Staples should pay much more attention to who also they put in leadership roles and what assignments that they can give to workers.

They may listen to all their employees the do a better job for addressing their very own employees worries an ideas. The supervision team should take more time to demonstrate employees the right way to properly do things so that they are executed right the first time and no one has to go following them and fix it. The management staff could also do a better task at leading by case in point.

If the managers did their particular part, this could entice the employees to function harder plus the store will be in a lot better condition (Simonton). Staples could also give extra practicing their managers to help speak about their poor leadership features and show these people ways to address them to turn them in to good management qualities. Summary