Bottlenecks in a Process Essay

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Bottleneck can slow down production and diminish efficiency. In respect to Li, Chang, & Ni, (2009) “quick and deal with identification of the bottleneck places can lead to a marked improvement in the operation management of utilizing finite manufacturing assets, increasing the system throughput, and minimizing the total cost of production” (p.

1). The procedure of preparing dinner will be analysis to find where the procedure has a logjam and how to remove or decrease the bottleneck period. Identifying the Bottleneck in the Process When preparing dinner marinating the meat features proven to be a bottleneck to get the process. For example steak can require about 24 hours to be marinated, keeping production all day and night is a problem. Choosing a distinct cut of meat can reduce the time and can require as little as 1 hour for the meat to marinate.

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In the production of preparing meal an hour is a bottleneck along the way. Considering it may be one hour to marinate the meat, then twenty mins to prepare while side dishes just like rice is only going to take about thirty minutes to cook both process can not be run parallel on product will be undercook while the various other overcook. Data Collection Looking at the data gathered over the last several week in preparing evening meal the pattern of the method is longer when various meats requiring for a longer time marinating period is used in the preparation of dinner.

During week two on the second day the preparation of dinner required sixty minutes. The marinating in the meat prevented the process of the side dish to begin with because it would cause the meal to be overcooked. It is crucial to timetable the process capability carefully to ensure the bottleneck is eliminate or perhaps reduce. A single step taken to reduce the bottleneck time to help to make long-term decision regarding the procedure and have the meat marinates overnight.

Avoiding last minute decision enhances the efficiently at the same time time. Realization According to Kamauff, (2010) “bottleneck-point in a process where flow slows and work-in-process accumulates because of a difference between capacity of one process and the demand in the next”(p. 32). Identifying the bottleneck may help plan the process more efficient to minimize the spend of useful resource such as time. Preparing supper can be time-consuming but with long-term planning and decision making advancements can be built to the process to minimize time.

The excess time can be utilize carry out spend more time with the family reviewing the day.