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Truancy can be defined as (a) sensation where student skip classes or classes without authorization or appropriate reason. Recently, we seen that every sole class we attended offers students who also skipped lectures. In other words, the classes do not have a full presence. We realised that this matter has become a problem in UTM. The academics are also worried regarding this trend since they believe that this problem could affect the present student’s performance.

Based on the UTM’s examination regulations, scholar who arrive less than 80% of their attendance are barred from acquiring final exam.

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However , in a few cases, a lot of lecturers tend not to take the attendance seriously. Consequently, some students would take advantage of this situation and did not go to their classes. Therefore , as part of UTM’s learners, we chosen to treat this matter seriously simply by conducting an investigation about truancy problem among UTM’s student. 2 . Affirmation of difficulty The problem develops when the scholar feels that they can do not need to show up at classes as they manage to study on their own.

Besides that, some students you don’t have the motivation to go to course because they think that the category itself is usually not interesting. To tackle this problem, we want to know the associated with truancy, especially to the scholar’s performance through the entire semester. Moreover, we would like to find out the scholar’s and lecturer’s opinions with regards to this subject. These are the primary questions that need to be answered in order to solve or come out with a simple solution to this trouble. 3. Aim of the research The purpose of this kind of research is to determine how frequently pupils do not show up at their classes throughout the session.

In addition , we wish to review the CGPA between learners who arrive to classes and those who have do not come to classes. Furthermore, your research will explore what the pupils did after they do not go to classes. The scope on this study is restricted to the UTM’s lecturers and students. At the end of this analysis, we can recommend useful solutions on how to ease the truancy difficulty among UTM students. some. Research issue 1 . Precisely what are the reasons for young students to play truant? 1 . four. 2 The particular effects of truancy on pupils? 1 . 5. What is the CGPA between students who come to classes and people who dont’? 1 . four. 4 What students are doing when they may attend classes? 1 . 5. 5 Exactly what the subjects that students often like to by pass? 1 . 5. 6 When exactly is the time learners mostly overlooked their classes. Is it morning hours, afternoon, or perhaps evening? 1 ) 4. 7 What can be done to ease truancy issue? 5. Significant Study Various good result or benefit we can attain by executing this study. One of them is to create awareness among UTM students on how important you should attend classes so that they can boost their grades.

Following, it is simple for lecturers to identify students who have are weakened and be able to make them. Besides that, it can make learning process in the lecture more interesting since student can easily participate simply by asking issue or provide opinion for the whole course. Moreover, it would be a spend of money since student purchase their expenses fees which is not cheap that may be RM 700. Lastly, it will also benefit college students in the future especially during their working days. This is because it could avoid them by easily obtaining fired by their employer’s for not coming to functions. 6. Opportunity of Study

In order to acquire data, sixty questionaire will be distributed among the students via three teachers which is Teachers of Electric powered Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Detrimental Engineering. Although, the interview is limited to six students via Faculty of Electrical Anatomist which 3 of them are the type of student who also always skipped classes as well as the others find that always joined classes. Besides that, we all will interview 4 academics only from Teachers of Electrical Engineering. The observation will be carried out inside our section which is Section 02, 3SEE, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.. Study Methodology From this research, all of us will considering two options which is major sources and secondary resources for info collection among the respondents. The main sources can be base about questionnaire, interview and declaration. On the other hand, we will collect the additional info from record, newspaper, book and document from internet regarding truancy trouble to support out primary info. 1 . 7. 1Primary data Our main data will be from questionaire, interview and observation. In order to know so why this problem oocur in the first place, we now have decided to sk the students straight by asking them to answer questionaire about the matter. sixty questionaires will be distributed among the list of student. Additionally , we’ve produce the method intended for collecting details from the learners and academics which will be by interviewing them directly. We are interviewing two types of pupils. The first one could be the type of students who always follow the guidelines, that is in such a case, never skipped lectures. Then, We will certainly ask she or he why she or he never overlooked any classes and we will question their overall performance throughout the session as well.

In the mean time, for the other type of students who usually skipped and missed classes, we can ask them for what reason they decided to do this and what they really do during the time that they skipped the classes. Furthermore, we will certainly interview a few of the lecturers of the opinion relating to to this problem and ask all of them on the solution how to relieve truancy between UTM’s learners. Besides that, we will likely collect data and data through findings. This will become carried out by watching the presence of pupils in certain clasess as well especially period of time.

First of all, we can count the amount of students inside the class then, we will certainly ask permission from the lecturer to see the attendance list by the end of the course. This is to make certain the number of college students in the class correlates with the total number of students who sign in the attendance list as sometimes students question their friend to sign up their part. From these kinds of observations, all of us aim to find out when is the time students mainly skipped their particular classes, be it in the morning, afternoon or at nighttime.

Then, really is endless to come up with a fair conclusion based upon the data received as well as to think of some procedures to encounter this matter. 1 . six. 2 Secondary Data Besides collecting data from the primary sources, we will also find the extra information about truancy from record, newspaper, textbook and content from internet. All these references happen to be categorised while secondary info. Furthermore, from all of the second resources we all obtained, we all will paraphrasing and summarizing the material for us to enhance better understanding on this study.

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