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Part 1 Rights and Liberties with the Homeless and Poor

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1) Do you imagine the destitute and poor share precisely the same rights and liberties as other people?

The privileges and protections of the destitute and the indegent in the United States is a huge major issue of interest in comparison with the rights and liberties of other individuals. This issue has gained significant traction in recent years because of just how police officers treat the homeless and poor. In my opinion, the homeless and poor talk about the same rights and liberties as additional citizens in writing only. However , these people might not have similar rights and liberties as additional citizens because they are treated differently and sometimes considered as second-class citizens.

2) How are the police caught in the middle by simply removing the homeless by public areas?

Police will be caught in the middle because eliminating the homeless from general public areas for security functions end up infringing on their privileges to public space. Because of this, the police wrap up subjecting the homeless to unfair treatment as compared to various other citizens though the bill of rights offers all citizens equal rights to open public space.

3) What are your thoughts/feelings/ideas about this video?

The video illustrates the unfair treatment the fact that homeless will be subjected to within law enforcement initiatives. The police infringe on the legal rights of this populace through removing them coming from public areas and arresting them with no warrants (Picture the Destitute, 2007). One the other side of the coin, the homeless would be better of if they happen to be treated like other residents and given similar options, especially careers.

Part a couple of Minorities inside the Police Force

1) What are a few issues that affect the recruitment of minority group members as police officers?

Offered the elevated focus on fraction in the police force, there has been an increase in the number of minorities in the police force. However , the recruitment of minority group members because police officers is affected by several issues. Many of these issues include limited applications by minorities for policing job options, language and cultural limitations, difficulties in developing romantic relationship and trust, myths and misconceptions, family expectations, and social pressures (American Media Pro, 2009).

2) Can it be important to have a diverse police – especially in racial and ethnic varied communities? Why/Why Not?

Inspite of difficulties in recruiting community group users as cops, its important to have a various