Project Management and Community Members Essay

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Published: 20.01.2020 | Words: 355 | Views: 325
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TopCoder has a extremely unique and various model with regards to the traditional corporations.

As a older manager, We would need to build following features: Firstly, build manpower to oversee a community of over 200, 500 members and direct the competition structured software expansion. The emphasis would be on not managing individuals yet managing the participation, cultivating community involvement and community growth. Second, focus on creating a critical mass of expertise and coding capacity to operate many contests and produce solutions pertaining to clients at the same time. This would need attracting newbies into the community through even more challenges and contents, performing online advertising and member development days.

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Third, build rules by maintaining the very best standards of contest integrity, transparency and quality. Firmly monitor contests and maintain regularity of methods. Fourthly, supply the right governance. Involve the views of the community associates as well in the decision making procedure and take care of them since driver along with establishing a fair peer review credit scoring system.

Fifthly, do the right resource share. Allocate community resources and control competition participation throughout the number of competitions. This is because as opposed to traditional firms, Topcoder simply cannot assign certain people to a job or job. Focus can be on to collection the award amount, length and timing of tournament and the quantity of competitors.

Sixthly, work towards retaining community associates and motivate future contest participation. Source community users with constant work stream and reward money. Allocate significant methods to facilitate forum discussion posts and encourage members to engage in the community. For the demand aspect, as a manager, I would have to guide clients through the contest-based software creation process, provide suggestions for contest prize quantities, gather opinions between competitions and provide project status improvements to consumers. In case of technological problem, find the problem fixed through the appropriate community people.

Manage client expectations and serve as a board to get client worries. Additionally , teach the clients on how to make use of the TopCoder system to manage the contest-based software program development procedure themselves.