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What can we do to ensure the business maintains running? That’s a question everyone wonders. Insurance for life time of existence is not easy to get, but businesses can use a large number of strategies to go longer and maybe business lead in their market. This paper conveys the analysis of Porter’s 5 forces around the real estate industry. The outcomes of this research will help any party inside the real estate sector, developer, broker, or agent be aware of surrounding environment, in addition to a way anticipate the market and get ready for feasible threats.

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Executive Overview

With Micheal Porter’s 5 forces evaluation, the real estate turned into nota extremely favourable market to start organization or purchase at this moment. As being a not very rewarding industry, besides the new restrictions from the federal government now a day unlike two years again the real estate does not have or small threat of new entrants. Alternatively, the competition remains high because of the existence of countless competitors on the market.

The negotiating power of the buyers is high, and bargaining benefits of suppliers is leaner because of lack of new jobs but still exists, substitutes are located for people having cash, they may invest in safer industries if they happen to be new shareholders, but if they have invested in real estate the cost of turning to any different project or alternative will very likely be highly high, and buyer’s will choose booking instead of offering because of deficiency of funding services from financial institutions. Shortly explained the real estate industry is upon hold, whoever is already included can’t leave because of the very high costs and anyone outdoors will not join up till the problem is improved.

Porter’s a few Forces

Porter’s 5 causes are considered a highly effective strategy for reducing risk in a organization and enhancing the performance. Dr . Micheal Porter (1947) considered the your five forces that can help managers analyse and measure the strength of five distinct competitive forces in surrounding environment for a company and help develop effective strategies accordingly that may protect the organization from feasible threats. Each threat and point is definitely marked while having whether positive or negative result, weak or strong that helps organizations build up an effective prepare that could safeguard their organization today and the future, and the more a firm is familiar about the current market, the greater its approaches can be given to increasing the success in that same market. “Porter’s model depends on the notion of power inside the relationships of the five makes. ” By simply Hal L. Kirkwood, Jr * Competitive Rivalry inside the industry: Is the core of the Porter’s your five Forces, competitive rivalry says what a company has to separate itself via others and just how do they will define themselves among various other competitors, employing their competitive benefits, advertising, costs strategy, and promotions.

* Bargaining power of Buyers (Buyer’s power): In the market one aspect has the power and it is able to control how a market in this industry is definitely running. When ever there is more than supply on the market or thebuyers are very handful of, buyers find the opportunity to be picky and state their particular conditions; this could affect the value the quality of the merchandise and other elements like support. Besides the volume of buyers, the elasticity with the demand of the product plays a big role. In case the elasticity with the product is really low the customers have no electric power since they are not really sensitive to price by any means and the power is with the supplier, on the other hand if firmness is very large, the power is in the hands in the buyers.

* Bargaining benefits of Suppliers: the rarity of supply of any kind of important insight such as recycleables or/and operating power to the organization’s procedures would put the power in the suppliers’ hands and give all of them the opportunity to secret the market by prices as well as the quality. Within the hand the oversupply of the input intended for the organization reduces the power of the supplier since the companies gets the advantage of choice among the many alternatives. * Threat of recent entrants: declares how very easily it is for the competitor to enter your sector. This factor controls in such a way or another all the other factors, because the number of the competitors dictate who has the energy in the market. This could be controlled by building barriers achievable entrants like: * The federal government could play a big part at controlling the ability of new entrants with restrictions, regulations, and guard licensing and training.

* Economies of scale

2. Product differentiation

2. Capital requirements for entrance

5. Switching costs

2. Cost cons independent of scale

* Risk of Substitutes: The availability of other alternate for the buyer, and how convenient it is for them to switch to other available choices. The nature of competition in an sector is firmly affected by the aforementioned five pushes. The more powerful the power of potential buyers and suppliers, and the more robust the hazards of entry and alternative, the more strong competition may very well be within the industry.

The Lebanon Real Estate Sector

Residential property, industrial property, or perhaps vacant land, no matter in the type of house real estate within the previous couple of years made various rich, from real estate brokers, developers staff, to the investors most made large numbers. Offcourse many others paid the price at the end of the day. From a desert to the middle of business and technology Dubai was said to be the fastest growing city, the real estate industry drawn many local and non-local from around the world, as it was booming it taken along with it many other industries everything that brought Dubai to the put it is today, the fantasy home of numerous.

But following your unfortunate event with the financial crisis things overturn, all started out plans which were sold in writing had to be accomplished and after the dramatic decrease of demand for real estate (figure 1), Dubai was left over with a huge over supply which caused investors’ interest in real estate to diminish and drag a great many other industries down with this. Situations improved dramatically to get the industry, for the companies, and for the end users themselves. It is impossible to anticipate the future, whoever succeeds in any respect, chance, good luck, or expertise is the true winner and the future wealthiest man on this planet.

(Figure 1) The change of selling price from Come july 1st 2008 till November 2010, because of the loss of demand in respect to study via Bando Executive & Building Co. Ltd.

Applying Porter’s 5 forces to Lebanon Real Estate Sector

Applying Porter’s 5 forces on the real estate industry may help put together appear strategies from companies in that industry and assist in the best way or another enduring the current scenario.

Competitive Competition within the Sector

At the thriving days, couple of years ago, having that less limitations to entry the sector left the door open for brand spanking new competitors in the real estate, which created this sort of a competitive environment. Today after the catastrophe the sector is filled with organizations whom thought the real estate will continue in the flourishing period for a longer time, they are tied to no other option but compete to survive. Developers possess property to supply, many try to focus on specific segment and differentiate their particular units with all the location and the luxurious finishing to attract whenever you can investors. Mags and papers are total with content articles for new completed projects, models available, top selling and renting prices, there are some things for everyone. Actually after the community crisis, the organizations which have been still standing up try hard to win the fewinvestors still left in the market and attract these to their assignments.

Bargaining Benefits of Buyers

In real estate, simply no matters of times or the economy buyers include bargaining power, since not everyone can afford to buy a house and it’s certainly not that important for buyers. Off course the strength level differs because of different factors but in the end, its not really medicine that folks will pass away without this.

Booming period

In the real estate industry, when the market pertaining to real estate was growing and particularly in Dubai it had every one of the opportunities and capabilities for this, plans of projects had been sold in similar day we were holding approved by the federal government, sometimes inside the same day time a unit would be sold and resold. During that time the bargaining power of customers was very low, buyers could hardly affect the rates or the quality of the result, the demand was very high intended for units that sellers failed to waste time negotiating with potential buyers, it was more like a “take it or leave it situations for these people since an additional buyer was on the door waiting. That explains the unrealistic prices properties had been sold and rented at (Figure1).

After the crisis

After the unfortunate globe crisis, since several of the companies, the real estate got affected desperately. Cash is missing, loans and mortgages are difficult to get therefore did the necessity for real estate decrease significantly leaving little or no demand several unfinished, only completed, and projects still on paper that are waiting to become sold, causing an an abundance in the property industry. Having floss little demand, and over availability of properties provided the opportunity to client to discuss, decrease prices and enhance the quality of the properties to fit their desires. That increased the bargaining power of the buyers giving them the ability of leading industry.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Flourishing period

The well being of many industries rely upon each other, if the real estate industry was booming, suppliers of iron, cement, glass, and other materials needed for construction had been demanded, so that as there were a large number of projectswaiting for raw materials, suppliers had the energy to determine their prices and conditions. Having only few suppliers for the raw materials of construction and lots of demand created a shortage and this by its turn provided the power towards the suppliers.

Following your crisis

Jobs stopped to be launched resulting from the remarkable decrease of require and the deficiency of cash and finance alternatives for many, the industry is playing only the tasks that were began and should be completed. Suppliers have witnessed the reduction in the instructions and began decreasing prices and increasing quality of service to draw the handful of left customers to their organization and that clearly decreases the provision power over the real estate sector, but they will usually have electric power since building companies cannot replace the primary raw materials to get construction like cement, this makes the product essential for builders and they cannot do without it.

Risk of New Traders

Entering real estate industry was easier than entering a concert for the famous vocalist. As long as is able to set a plan on the paper they can be in the industry, finding a trade certificate was super easy in Syria, requirements had been few, not any taxes and Dubai supported and encouraged by accelerating the process. Dubai government caused it to be very simple and so they welcomed anyone that applied for it. The capital was not an issue since banks were available and happy to fund. “In the golden times we were tensed to release as much funds as is possible without worrying regarding studying the program and the organization or the person’s history. As opposed to now were our main concern is to select carefully who to offer, and this made it challenging to many to obtain any funds said Afaq Ahmad, Organization Development Expert, Mortgage Department, Al Mashreq Bank. Additionally, the demand to get real estate was so big that there were always buyers waiting to obtain at no matter what price.

And this explain for what reason the new traders threat was very high during those times, the limitations to enter had been very easy to resolve, unlike today were federal government although there is not any rules on paper but they became more strict with rules, it became harder getting account support by banks. Furthermore, as a result of the dramatic loss of prices, 2 weeks . very awful idea to market and buy at this point because there would have been a huge reduction. The sector was incredibly appealing fewyears before for new businesses, since they were supported coming from every corner and were able to survive. Financing institutions, the necessity, the growth charge of the market, all played out a big function in motivating new traders to the market.

Threat of Substitutes

Inside the real estate industry substitutions depend on the purpose of the demand. Customers are mainly divided into two groups people who buy to get and others who have buy for your own use. The threat of substitutes inside the real estate was pretty high in the thriving days, while exchanging 1 property for another in a fresh project was very easy, switching cost was very low and sometimes there was even revenue. As opposed to today, people sell their properties in the event and only in the event they need funds because the expense of substitution for virtually any other alternative is very substantial.


May be the segment which will purchases real estate for business, to resale and make money or lease and get income over time. The substitute risks to real estate concerning this segment are the availability of various other alternatives intended for investment like banks. The threat of substitutes is very high to get the real estate industry specially nowadays; people with funds are not that confident inside the real estate industry any more therefore they steer clear of investing in the real estate and instead select the more secure alternatives like precious metal.


Buyers are the part that buys properties for his or her own work with, to live in. The primary threat just for this segment is usually renting. Prior to people who got some financial savings preferred to obtain support and purchase their own place instead of spending so much on renting with the end during they still possess absolutely nothing. But as today mortgages are so difficult, with tough conditions and renting prices have decreased people went back to renting. You cannot find any threat of substitutes intended for the real estate industry in this part other than booking.

Summary and Conclusions

Any kind of developer or any type of party that could consider going into the real estate industry today needs to think twice. In line with the above examination, the buyers have excessive bargaining electrical power, suppliers have some power, you will discover entry obstacles such as the deficiency of funding support from the banks, andgovernment constraints, the existence of a large number of competitors in the market who will be wildly unable to survive, as well as the availability of alternatives for potential buyers. Starting an enterprise in this industry is not really a wise decision.


* * * * Interview dated 29-11-2010 for Afaq Ahmad, Organization Development Officer, Mortgage Office, Al Mashreq Bank * Market examine from Bando Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.