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McDonald’s is a undisputed california king of burgers. This has been fashionable in the fast-food industry using their creation inside the 1960’s to their massive development in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and now the newest millennium. Within the last forty years, McDonald’s has completely taken good thing about their talents but as a result of maturity inside the fast food industry, more target will have to be place on opportunities, weaknesses, and dangers.

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The initial strength of McDonald’s have been their product strategy. Over the past three decades they have just been a hamburger and fries Restaurant. Growing customer wants and desires along with additional competition has forced these to alter and improve their menu to better in shape the environment. Elements such as developing competition and consumers progressively more health conscious have got forced these to make these kinds of changes.

Today McDonald’s offers numerous products that consist of twenty six items. Breakfast items include biscuit sandwiches, Egg McMuffin, hotcakes and sausage, chicken McMuffin with egg, and scrambled eggs. Sandwiches are the Big Mac pc, cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken Deluxe, Filet-O-Fish, Grilled Chicken Luxurious, Grilled Rooster Salad Elegant, hamburger, 1 / 4 Pounder, plus the Quarter Pounder with parmesan cheese. Dessert products include baked apple pies, chocolate chip cookie, hot rant sundae, your favorite ice cream cone, McFlurry, and milkshakes. Other products on the menu are the apple-bran coup, Chicken McNuggets, French fries, Backyard Salad, Content Meals, sodas, and other drinks.

Promo has also been a strength to get McDonald’s. They may have always centered promotion about good foodstuff, friendly individuals, and entertaining. They have as well spent a considerable amount of money on promotional programs such as Monopoly, Happy Meals, and the Big Mac. Additionally to these offers, McDonald’s agreed upon a ten-year contract with Disney merging promotions for food items with Disney movies. They also continue the successful Beanie Baby promotion that is credited as you can actually most good promotion ever. On Oct 25 they introduced the American Terno Collection of Beanie Babies that celebrate the American Politics Process.

In addition to promotion, McDonald’s has also been successful at positioning restaurants in every available placement. The increase of outlets each year has remained for 5% for the last two decades inspite of a slipping increase in sales. In 1988 that they had 10, 167 restaurants, of which 7, 567 were located in the United States. Throughout the 1990’s they may have increased that number to 28, 454 restaurants in about 120 countries. The table under gives the volume of restaurants and sales per geographic location as of Sept 2000:

McDonald’s Locations and Sales

Location # Restaurants Revenue (in millions)

United States 12, 703 $5, 051. 4

Asia/Pacific 5, 989 you, 820. two

Europe 5, 243 2, 449. 9

Latin America 1, 983 456. 2

Additional Regions 2, 536 734. 7

Total twenty-eight, 454 15, 512. four

By simply expanding quickly into worldwide markets, McDonald’s was able to turn up before competition and protect a plan for future expansion opportunities. They recognized the fact that fast food industry was turning into diluted and began growth into worldwide markets ahead of any one else. Being initially in the foreign markets causes them to be first in the minds of international buyers. This is naturally important now that increasing revenue are falling in the United States. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Meters. Greenberg stated of their expansions, “Moving forward, we can pursue additional growth by intensifying our focus on building sales at existing eating places. “

Along with expanding internationally, McDonald’s can be moving into others of food and restaurants. They’ve acquired Chipotle Philippine Grill, Aroma Ltd., a coffee shop chain in the UK, Donatos Pizza, and Internet food-delivery service Meals. com. These acquisitions allows McDonald’s to increase growing non-hamburger markets while increasing product selection.


Though McDonald’s continues to be extremely effective, there are still some weaknesses which exist within the firm. Those disadvantages include past product and promotion concepts, performance of international categories, and it’s U. S. enlargement strategy.

For McDonald’s, the creation and implementation of new items costs huge amount of money. These huge amount of money have been used on products like the Arch Deluxe and McPizza, which not anymore exist. Along with failed products may be the constant transform of offers and coupure. Recently McDonald’s has released its Made For You food preparation system designed to enable franchise employees to serve up fresher foodstuff with significantly less waste. The situation has been that customers are complaining about much longer waits in line. This definitely does not coincide with the fast-food image. The newest cooking system is being present through McDonald’s $500 , 000, 000 “We wish to see you smile” ad campaign.

Another weak spot for McDonald’s has been with expansion in the usa. In the early on 90’s these were expanding in to airports, malls, and clinics. This was in an effort to move by cities and suburbs that had been already saturated. These fresh ventures turned out to be unsuccessful and several have shut down due to poor profitability.

Along with expansion inside the U. H., some foreign markets never have been as successful because projected. Weaker foreign currency offers impacted foreign divisions success. For example , European operating cash flow fell to $313. 5 million by $324. eight one year before. This is a drastic decrease as compared with the drop in sales, that was down slightly to $2. 45 billion dollars, from $2. 46 mil. Luckily for McDonald’s the weaker worldwide performance was offset by simply domestic product sales.


The two finest opportunities to get McDonald’s will be their expansion into other brands and intercontinental markets. Initially the enlargement into markets like Mexican entries and pizza delivery allow them use of the fastest growing restaurant segments. This will allow them to possess a better merchandise selection and offer future home growth. Internationally, McDonald’s has got the opportunity of penetrating further markets just before competition. Their particular plan should be to add regarding five eating places each day since new eating places are placing strong initial results and returns.

Another opportunity is with concept testing in domestic McDonald’s restaurants. The latest are fresh diner and deli principles that are being tested in western Us. They will open three diner-style restaurants at some time after January. 1, 2001. The original will be developed at existing McDonald’s nevertheless distinct from the existing prêt à manger offerings. The brand new concept enables customers to order all their food and after that have it taken to their table by a storage space. The additional concept is actually a deli-style menu, which will be added to the traditional McDonald’s menu. Idea will put deli sandwiches and soups to familiar Quarter Pounders, Big Mac pcs, and other casse-cro?te.


The most obvious risks for McDonald’s are with the competitors. Now that they have broadened into other brands this list has grown significantly. Direct competitors with McDonald’s restaurants incorporate Burger King, Milk Queen, Hardee’s, Jack inside the Box, and Wendy’s. These competitors offers expanded menu offerings that compete directly with B. Burger King is a number two burger restaurant and is also developing a fresh strategy hoping of taking the number one location from McDonald’s


Our 1st recommendation should be to continue enlargement into foreign markets. This is becoming more essential now that opponents like White castle and Wendy’s are beginning to expand abroad. For example , White castle has eating places in 57 other countries. McDonalds has to continue to be initial in worldwide markets in order that they remain first in the minds of foreign consumers. Although they need to continue this development, they need to give attention to more developed countries that have a better capability and need to buy their products. This will help to them against fighting weak foreign currencies and ethnicity challenges. One entry method that may be used would be joint projects with old foreign restaurants. This will help them better integrate their merchandise message with cultural and ethnic trends.

One other recommendation for expansion is usually to establish item and company awareness in other brands. This can include their the latest acquisitions of Chipotle, Donatos Pizza, and Boston Market. These eating places have the ability to be expanded through the entire United States and provide a large amount of revenue domestically. This will be growingly important as revenue in current McDonald’s restaurants flatten. These restaurant chains may also have the ability to be expanded internationally according to their achievement in the U. S.

An opportunity that McDonald’s will not be taking advantage of is their environmental concerns. Recently McDonald’s was honored by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency for his or her conservation and recycling initiatives. The EPA cited McDonald’s as the industry head because of its continuous review and evaluation of packaging components. This is something which could be utilized in a promotional effort to raised their photo in customers’ minds. It could be positioned immediately against competition to show that McDonald’s really does care about environmental surroundings.

McDonald’s has done well with creating a plan pertaining to future development and development. As long as they will continue to build awareness because of their other brands, broaden internationally, and better take care of product launch in existing McDonald’s restaurants, they will remain number one.