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Technology has been an aide for the world’s everyday problem.

Since its development, man has discovered how to maximize its possibilities. It continually give gentleman solutions to almost anything, anywhere. In the world of business and economy, for example , there is a great on-going estruendo to use technology. The demand due to the use is thoroughly high; consequently , the ways to develop new-technology for business 2 a process. Computerized Sales and Inventory Devices are commonly employed in the business world since these are needed to keep and track the systems of inventories in any company.

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This kind of automation is usually an answer to the manually operated product sales and products on hand systems in the past because the manual procedure takes a lot of time in recording the transactions. This scientifically aided process allows effectiveness in data management. This paves the way in which for the removal of inconsistent data and high priced charges for massive chart purchases. Moreover, this is an affordable system because it allows users to easily track down the buys, expenses, and records for all those inventories.

Over time, automated product sales and products on hand system is becoming main stream in the business sector because in the line of business, period means income. Thus, implementing the automated sales and inventory program on a organization is a huge help because it minimize the work load of the workers and lessen the element of human being error. Therefore, employees be efficient and productive.

HISTORY OF THE EXAMINE Petron’s Doggie snacks, located in F. B. Harrison, is the chosen research area for this study. Since Snacks is mostly seen in Petron’s gas stations, it offers car owners and customers a wide variety of foodstuff, snacks, and beverages. Through the time in order to was established about January 2k, Treats N. B. Harrison branch can accommodate one hundred customers each day.

Under their present owner – Jessica Lara Aranas – this vows to surpass it is earnings and advance it is resource management capacity. Doggie snacks, thus, aims to change their manual products on hand and sales processes. From your small compartment and logbook that keep its record sales and supplies, your local store intends to upgrade this kind of to a organized, technology-aided process. The company really wants to eliminate the issues of running a manual products on hand. It really wants to come up with a back-up system to maintain its data and to execute its physical inventory is important.

One of the problems of preserving a manual inventory product is the process of tracking daily sales. The process of organising a manual sale requires the employees to jot down the offered product purchase of a customer. This is usually a difficult task as one employee may possibly lose checklist of items offered or another may forget to jot down a sale.

Manual inventory program does not upgrade at the end of the day with updated inventory counts. Which means that one need to go through the inventory items everytime he needs to place a great order for brand spanking new raw materials, products or materials for the inventory. This can be a time consuming method, as one will certainly physically have to go through every single product package and brows through the items. GOALS OF THE STUDY The general aim of the analyze is to develop automated product sales and inventory systems that will routinely record the data through the use of a bar code scanner. The proposed program also will keep the cost in order by monitoring the inventory loss figures.

Because of this proposed system, the management may easily track the main cause of the loss of income. The system will also track the waste, spoilage and occurrences of mishandling by monitoring inventory by purchases completely sales. The program can help security by which includes log report to reduce thievery and complicite that is commonly a consistent problem in a firm. Specifically, the researchers want to: • Create a password-protected, window-based application that could effectively screen the sales and products on hand of the business; • Style and start using a fast and reliable repository system; and • Give timely information for administration decision making.

OPPORTUNITY AND DELIMITATIONS OF THE EXAMINE The recommended study only will focus on the introduction of an automated revenue and products on hand system to get Petron Snacks, F. B. Harrison Station. The system will only focus on the monitoring of the inventory movement and product sales recording. The said system will run using a multi-user environment and is capable create reports upon sales, share movement and also other related worries. Web usage of the said reports are not included to get security uses.

The system is not going to cover different aspects of the accounting, nor will the suggested system always be integrated with other existing devices of the business. The system is independent in the ones being used by Petron Gasoline Stocking and Fuel Service Place. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The researchers’ purpose of this analyze is to improve the system of the company from their manually operated sales and inventory system to a fresh automated revenue and products on hand system.

Therefore, the company could have a more efficient and a more systematic technique of monitoring the items. The system will benefit the following: Company – this will help the corporation to be more systematic in keeping the information of their products on hand and revenue. Inventory devices match up buys with product sales records to ensure all items which coming in are either being sold or are made up in inventory storage is important. The stated system can reduce account activities the truth is that the program automatically computes incoming merchandise and outgoing sales. Workers – this will help to the cashier registrar to simply keep track of a big inventory and recording product sales.

Moreover, the program will increase the productivity and efficiency of the employee. The device will also ensure that the management to monitor the progress of sales and make it more transparent to both employee and management. Research workers – this will help to the experts to enhance all their knowledge and skills in programming and developing a system to be prepared in their picked field of endeavor in the future.

Future Researchers – this research will serve as a reference to others who would want to develop one more system another client. The analysis can also bring about further creation. This chapter presents delete word related studies and materials. It is the bank account of what has been published, and turns into a link between the proposed system and the research already completed. The importance on this part is to check if the proposed approach to the experts will not do it again the work which has been previously performed.

REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Review of related books Jen-Shiang Chen (2010) would a study in optimization designs designed for the flow-shop organizing. This study investigated within the flow-shop organizing problem with multiple orders every job. The researchers considered the ready times during the all purchases, multiple merchandise types inside all orders, and the sequence-dependent setup moments between the product types.

Equally lot finalizing machines and item digesting machines were also discussed. The researchers came up with two scheduling problems and proposed the fact that performance evaluate will be obtained from the total weighted completion moments of all purchases. The research demonstrated two several mixed binary integer development (BIP) ingredients methods for each proposed problem. One method was based on dichotomous restrictions plus the other technique adopted the idea of assignment problem.

Thus, four mixed BIP models had been developed to optimally fix the two organizing problems. Different formulation strategies were also in comparison with each other for each proposed difficulty on the same standard problem info set. In this present examine, the researchers’ will recommend a system that is capable of holding multiple orders in a single sales buy. Even if the retail store will be having multiple orders, each one will have position notifications with regards to monitoring in case the order is at its Pending, Process, or perhaps Delivered Method.

In an content by Farallon Geographics Inc., (2007) in San Mateo County, California, USA, there were infrastructure assets that would have to be managed. The County applied Hansen’s off-the-shelf Computerized Maintenance Management software to catalog most assets and to create precautionary maintenance agendas. The county staff added and updated location info relevant to every asset with the country’s Oracle Spatial Business GIS. Areas in the GIS with a direct correspondence to fields in the asset management were very easily automatically up to date and stored in sync. However , an important number of info fields needed to be calculated using GIS tools and then joined manually into the Hansen advantage management database.

In this present study, the same system about maintenance pertaining to machine and material may also be studied. The maintenance features happen to be in synchronize with the Task Order. In the Job Purchase, user may customize which machine and materials will probably be assigning in one specific buy. These will certainly turn lead to automatic revise of equipment hours employed and components used.

In accordance to an document by Anthony DeSalvo (2009), new technology ought to help a single gain control of inventory plus the associated organization processes. It was shown that to know the status of inventory and orders “real-time” is a huge in managing the operation. It had been stated that warehouse control systems provide both software and hardware solutions which should readily hook up to existing WMS/ERP/MES software.

It concluded that many inventory techniques can be computerized: Receiving, Stocking, Product Activity, Picking, Debt consolidation and Verification, Packing and Shipping. In a report by Logaras (2008), an evaluation with the importance of collecting site-specific info for Initial Tier suppliers in a Lifestyle Cycle Inventory (LCI) was made. The study as opposed data coming from an LCI database and point out additional highly wrecking life-cycle levels where web page specific data should be gathered. Data collection strategies were analyzed and recommendations received for a future Life Routine Assessment (LCA) study in SKF.

The situation study of your specific bearing has been applied. The findings showed the fact that type of the merchandise that was manufactured for one of SKF’s factory. As already mentioned, this report was focused on the suppliers of SKF that provided products directly to SKF’s manufacturing facility that was referred to as First Rate suppliers. Due to the time and info quality restrictions, site specific data had been collected just for the main community First Rate suppliers. These data made up information to get the recycleables and strength inputs along with the waste and emissions results.

An evaluation was performed to assess the qualitative and quantitative big difference of applying “real” data collected in the First Tier suppliers in opposition to the LCI data of your database. For this specific purpose, two simple LCI versions were established by using the GaBiLCA software program. In an article simply by Robinson (2011), it was described that products on hand systems job by recording a change in inventory at the point-of-sale and transmitting that information to inventory managers. This led and enabled the vendor plus the merchant to behave in matched ways to maintain store cabinets stocked.

This argued that modern inventory control devices make the source chain more efficient by checking sales, allowing the store manager to keep a baseline amount of product in stock, while being flexible enough to deal with seasonal variations in product sales and spikes in demand intended for popular products. Review of Related Studies According to the analyze “Enterprise Organization Information Management based on PDM framework, ” (Him, W. Ni, Queen. F. Lee, I. N. H, 2003) information availableness is a key factor for business success while IT systems are critical for improving enterprise competition.

It was asserted that most solutions do not have functions to manage complete business procedures. As a result, enterprises have to put into action multiple IT systems, that may cause problems info consistency and data ethics. This newspaper presented an enterprise business information management system (EBIMS) depending on a PDM framework. The EBIMS style streamlines the management details of essential business processes, including estimate, sales buy processing, style, planning, organizing, and creation to delivery.

Built on a PDM structure to combine many different disciplines, the multi-layered EBIMS architecture provides capacity for controlling key business processes with a single unified data and process model so as to obtain true process streamlining and data honesty throughout the whole product development lifecycle, and hence increasing enterprise productivity.