Scorpions by walt dean myers essay

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This guide is about a child named Jamal Hicks, wonderful best friend named Tito Cruz. Jamal possess a buddy that is in jail, as they stabbed another individual, so Jamal’s mama need to get the money to get him out of jail.

Jamal provides a bad time at college, because he does not do his homework, and he is constantly getting in difficulties, and he could be always on Mr. Davidson office the main of the school. He also has a young sis named Sassy.

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At institution there is a child named Dwayne, and this individual always a bother to Jamal, thats so why sometimes Jamal gets struggling.

His close friend Randy the one that in imprisonment, he had a group named the Scorpions having been the leader the group, the group really does lots of things, just like they distributed drugs, and crack, and stuff like that. Jamal have a friend inside the Scorpions his named can be Mack, and Mack informed to Jamal that in the event that he desire to collect the money that were 2k thousand us dollars, he can be in the Scorpions and they can be the best choice, he said that he can take Randy place until he gets away of prison.

The next day Jamal told to Tito that he is going to run the Scorpions, and can be generally there too with him. The next day they gone together with Mack to go and meet the various other Scorpions, and Mack offered a gun to the kids, so they feel protected, so they go with the other men and there were 3 men one was Indian, Blood, and Angel. Jamal informed them that he is simply 12 years older, and he could be very fresh to run this group, although know he is the leader of the Scorpions.

At school Dwayne disturbs Jamal, thus Jamal gets angry, and Dwayne declared that he would like to fight Jamal outside, but Jamal needed to bring the firearm to school, therefore when they were fighting Jamal took the gun and scared Dwayne, but Dwayne in the deal with punched Jamal in the face. Jamal is scared that Dwayne is likely to tell a person about the gun. Tito and Jamal are thinking if they happen to be going to throw the gun away, so Jamal told Perico that if perhaps he can retain this for quite a while. Indian the one that wants to always be the leader is trying to damage Jamal, and so he can be the leader.

The following day Randy was on the clinic, the doctors said that an individual stabbed him, Jamal feels that it was Indian. The next day Tito said that Abuela Tito’s grandma identified the gun and told to him to never return, Tito was crying a lot. Jamal may want to be the leader of the Scorpions anymore, as they is going to be in so much problems, so this individual told Mack that this individual want to see to Indian that they can be the best of the Scorpions. Indian stated that he can satisfy him in the park at 11 o’clock at the evening.

Jamal asked Tito that could he have him? Perico said certainly, and Jamal told Tito to bring the gun. They were at the park and Of india and Angel were over there waiting for them, Jamal told Of india that this individual didn’t want to be the leader of the Scorpions any longer, that he can be the leader now, Of india said ok, but he pushed Jamal, and smacked him inside the stomach, the Angel snapped up his physique to Indian punched him in the face. Proper Jamal awoke Angel was on the floor, and Indian also, Tito he shot them.

This account reminds me while i was the leader of a group, and it had been really hard, since you need to do a great deal work, and also taking care of the group. I do think the kids Jamal, and Tito when they got the weapon they said that they feel shielded, but I do think they truly feel scared, as the police, or a family member may catch these people, and put all of them in prison. I foresee hat in the future of this book will happen like, this boys will get in trouble, because Abuela found the gun, and Tito take somebody, and in addition Dwayne can tell somebody about the weapon, like his mom, the main of the university, or a educator.