Section Leader Essay

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Published: 09.12.2019 | Words: 287 | Views: 484
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I want to audition to be section leader since I am very fun loving and I love to help people in the best way I can. I also would like to season casting for section leader since I feel it helps me turn into better being a person to give me leadership, and friendship. I believe I am a strong leader because I listen to what people have to say although at the same time inform them what they can do to generate them better on their instrument. I also welcome everyone. I never single anyone out Let me help them and whatever they have to the best of my potential and I can make feel good regarding asking queries and I can be like wonderful friend if they need someone to talk to internet marketing all ears.

I believe I can ensure that the program and the music office as a whole achievement us closer and not having people be worried of the upperclassmen and having all of them become a well-rounded person. Also I could help by having meeting does the class because seeing ‘ there suggestions is to in case their upset with things. I believe I should end up being selected pertaining to section leader because I take the time to listen to reach out to kids. Music to me is like baseball to Hottie Ruth.

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Music fills myself with happiness and helps me with issues when I need it and if I will show kids music is somewhat more than just remarks and playing them but its emotion and has which means then I truly feel I was and could certainly be a great section leader.