Security of Computer Network System Essay

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Subjective: This paper discussed the secure and dependable issue about the pc network system.

On a few aspects: the value of network security, standard theory, function, and the way of solving a problem, etc . Very good views for solving the condition are submit. It strengthens people’s intelligence on network security. Key words: Computer network Virtual exclusive network Security techniques Firewall Introduction: Combined with the computer network technology expansion, the network security and the reliability would be the question of common curiosity by most users.

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The people all expected their own network system may move reliably, not external intruder interference and damage. Therefore solves the network security and the reliable trouble carefully, is a guarantee the network normal operation’s premise and safeguard. Initially, the importance with the network reliability. With the informationization developing fast today, the pc network acquired the common application, but along with the network information tranny capacity growing faster, several organizations and departments profit the speedup with the services operation inside the network, when, the data in addition has suffered to extent assault and destruction.

The overfaldsmand may intercept the information inside the network, abducts the user’s password, the database info; also may tamper with the repository content, the forge user’s status, refuses own personal unsecured. And what is more, the overfaldsmand may delete the data source content, the destroy node, releases trojan and so on. This kind of cause info security and own benefit have received the threat. According to American FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) investigation, the network secureness creates the economic damage surpasses 17, 000, 500, 000 us dollars every year.

73% corporation report finance reduction is because the computer system protection problem makes. More than fifty percent safe menace come from inside. But only 59% damage could be possible estimate. In China, the economic damage amount in view of financial domain name and the bank, negotiable securities computer system protection problems produces has reached as high as array million Yuan, also sometimes occurs consideringg other occupation network secureness threat.

Thus it can be found, regardless of is the mean harm, or subconscious disoperation, will certainly all be able to bring the instructif loss for the system. Consequently , the computer network must have the enough solid security evaluate. Regardless of with the local area network or in WAN, the network reliability measure ought to be Omni-directional taking into consideration each kind of different risk and the weeknesses, so that it can promise the network information’s secrecy, the honesty and the functionality. Second, network security reason.

International Standardization Organization (ISO) once recommended the computer reliability the definition was: “The computer system must guard its hardware, the data not accidentally or reveals deliberately, the modify and the break down. ” To be able to help the computer user splendour and the solution computer network security trouble, the American Department of Defense declared “the lemon peel book” (orange publication, official identity is “credible computer system standard appraisal criterion”), has continued the stipulation to the multiuser computer system security rank division. The lemon peel book from low to substantial divides into the computer protection four varieties of seven amounts: D1, C1, C2, B1, B2, B3, A1.

Most importantly, D1 level does not have the lowest security margin list, C1 as well as the C2 level has the least expensive safety margin rank, B1 and the B2 level has got the medium safekeeping of secureness ability get ranking, B3 and A1 is one of the highest security rating. Inside the network concrete floor design procedure, it should take action according with each technology common, the equipment type, the performance requirement as well as the funds which the network overall strategy proposed and so forth, the overall evaluation determines one quite fairly, the functionality high network security rank, thus realization network secureness and stability. Third, the network secureness should have function.

In order to modify the information technology development very well, the computer network application program must have following function: (1) Access control: Through to the specific webpage, the service organization access control system, in arrives the overwhelming bulk attack obstacle in front of the attack goal. (2) Inspects the safety loophole: To security loophole cyclical inspection, even if episodes may get the attack objective, also may cause the mind-boggling majority harm to be incorrect. (3) Assault monitoring: Right through to specific web site, service establishment attack monitoring system, but real-time investigates the mind-boggling majority attack, and adopts the response the action (for example separation network connection, saving attack process, pursuit harm source and thus on). (4) Encryption conversation: Encrypts about own initiative the connection, may permit the overfaldsmand to understand, the revision very sensitive information. (5) Authentication: The favorable authentication system may prevent the aggressor pretends the authenticated user. (6) Backup and restoration: The favorable backup and restores the mechanism, may well causes the losses when the attack, as quickly as possible restores the data and the program service. (7) Multi-layered protection: The aggressor after fractures through the 1st defense line delays or perhaps blocks this to reach the attack objective. (8) Sets up the secure monitoring middle: Provides the security alarm management, the monitoring, the protection and the emergency case service to get the information system. Fourth, the network system safety extensive solution actions.

If wish to realize the network secureness function, we need to carry on the Omni-directional protecting to the network system, and so formulate the quite reasonable network security architecture. Below on the network system security problem, proposes some protect measure. Physics safe might divide in two elements: One is the artificial trouble for the network; the other is the network to the users.

Most common issue is the constructor who would not understand towards the buried cable television clearly, hence lead to the destruction of electrical cable, this type of situation may through ranking symbolized the sign guards against; Has not used the structurized wiring the network to be able to look the user often to the electric power cable damage, this should use the structurized wiring to setup the network as far as likely; Artificial or perhaps natural devastation influence, if you should consider the master plan. The get control reliability, the gain access to control differentiates and verifies the user, limitations the user in the already activity and the assets scope which can be authorized. The network access control secure may consider from pursuing several aspects.