Should There Be a License to Become a Parent? Essay

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Published: 15.01.2020 | Words: 1061 | Views: 535
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I was skimming through a paper recently after i came across an incredibly bizarre news story, newspaper article.

The article was about a Pakistani man having 23 wives and 93 kids! This man aims to complete a hundred years of children by simply 2013, with the hope of getting his name in the Guinness Book of World Record. He is a resident of Dubai and the government of UAE can be supporting him and his typically extended family with 62 thousand dirhams per month. Isn’t this actually absurd?

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This kind of man known as Abdur Rehman does not actually know the identity of all his children neither does he know which in turn child is from which of his wives. Do you think a person having such a vast family is able to also bring up his children effectively? The sole objective of getting them into this world is just for the sake of a World Record, what happens to them after they will be born, carries no importance at all. This really is just one sort of the many reckless and inconsiderate parents inside our society.

The concept of having a license to become a parent might sound entirely ridiculous to most of you, but the brutality prevailing inside our society actually in parents, since in regards to a decade or maybe more has compelled me to trust that we are in a terrible need of this. Closing each of our eyes for the facts doesn’t change all of them, it basically makes them more serious. We need education and testing to qualify for a license to drive a vehicle, shoot a gun, fly a plane, catch a fish, or operate a pig radio. However, most people offer very little forethought to parenthood, and are given very little, in the event that any, training for one of life’s most demanding and important jobs.

According to a UNICEF report (2004) approximately forty percent of the total child populace under the age of 5 years suffered weakness, 63% among 6 months to three years slower growth, anemic and underweight and baby mortality level is 81%. Poor conditions extend towards the education sector too, 3 million kids in Pakistan had never been to college and 21% were the victim of kid marriages.. Each year, roughly estimated, about 50, 000 kids with observable injuries extreme enough to require hospitalization are not also reported and an estimated eight million kids under regarding 15 years out of 30 mil of country’s population of this age take part in child labor.

The majority of Pakistaner population resides in the rural areas where poverty and lack or education forces these to use their children as a great earning gas for their people, as if these types of little souls were given to them by God just for this very purpose. These people have got dozens of kids with foodstuff for not even a single member of the family. This is not simply restricted to country areas, the bottom class inside the urban areas continues to be brought to the disorder where that they sell their children in order to earn sustenance for them.

Muhammad Ahsan, a poor resident of Lahore provided his son away to his employer, a brick-kiln owner, following failing for compensating money he previously earlier lent, but feels embarrassed that the boy has ended up functioning as a domestic helper inside the latter’s home in Lahore. In the southern Punjab city of Vehari, Ghazala Coiffe, once stood at a town square for over seven several hours, seeking buyers for her three children. My husband is a drug addict and I cannot manage to give food to my children, Ghazala, a domestic worker, said.

This is the story of almost every lower class family in rural and urban areas of Pakistan, the idea of having proper financing and child-rearing training before having children appears Un-Islamic towards the majority. I ask you, where does this religion proceed when people can sell their children around the streets? Where does it get when they are eliminating their own kids because they are no longer able to give food to them?

Where does it proceed when their children are forced to beg within the streets for any single meals of the day? We claim to be Muslims but we are carrying out what the pre-Islamic Arabs used to do i. at the. urying their children alive? Provides God provided us these kinds of beautiful little souls just for this day, that we kill them when we identify we are unable to feed these people? Won’t it be significantly better if this kind of decision is definitely taken before bringing these kinds of souls in this world?

If a couple would not have enough meals and cash to nourish themselves, how could you expect them to feed and clothe their child when he is born? Well then again, people argue that the child brings his rizq with him. Where does this concept go when they are eradicating and advertising their children?

The Western countries are no different in this case. A chilling countrywide poll of U. T. children age groups 3 through 12 predicted that almost 75 mil youngsters undergo both physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents on a daily basis. In Los Angeles, a lady killed her daughter because the child was irritating her while watching television. Ironically, a television software bears even more importance compared to a child’s life. Being a solitary parent is a common practice in the western countries.

These sole parents after that throw youngsters in day care centres because they neglect to look after all of them. Shouldn’t this kind of be governed by the Condition? In a brutal world like this I totally believe that license and schooling is crucial.

The question is that who does decide this licensing procedure. What I suggest is that parenting training and education should be provided to everyone inside the state. Persons must also always be psychologically analyzed as most of which end up abusing their children due to not being in the right frame of mind.

Parents must be made mindful of the need to instruct and educate their children properly and strict punishments has to be enforced upon those infringing the regulations.