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You should have 45 minutes to plan and write a great essay on the topic given below. Before you begin writing, look at the passage properly and plan what you will state.

Your article should be since well-organized and carefully drafted as you can make it. Since Americans put pounds, experts are progressively blaming the fast-food sector. Teenagers possess filed lawsuits blaming Burger king for their health issues, and a public health group in California has asked the governor to announce childhood weight problems a state of emergency. Nevertheless parentsnot the fast food firms, not the governmentare inside the best location to fight the outbreak of overweight children. Parents are responsible for instructing healthy consuming and exercise habits.

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Mom and dad are to blame in the event they allow their kids consume unhealthy foods and sit in front of the television or perhaps computer all night at a time. We certainly have laws against parents leaving a loaded weapon in which children will find and use it to hurt themselves or other folks. Its a chance to get parents to take similar responsibility to guard their children by unhealthy foods and lack of work out. Adapted by Daniel WeintraubsThe Battle Against Fast Food Commences in the HomeThe Sacramento Bee, December seventeen, 2002 Make clear Weintraubs debate and go over the extent to which you agree or disagree along with his analysis.

Support your position, rendering reasons and examples from your experience, observations, or studying. The sample student documents that follow indicate the EPT Scoring Courses criteria. Sample student essay with a score of 6th Daniel Weintraub, in The Struggle Against Junk food Begins in your own home, states that parents are accountable for the raising epidemic of kid obesity. Parents need to be liable enough to train their children healthy eating workout habits. Inside our world today, children stay around perform video games all day long, if they are in order to.

Weintraub states that parents need to boost to the menu and get children associated with some type of exercise. I agree that parents require more responsibility for kid obesity, nevertheless schools, take out companies the government also need to take that same initiative. Father and mother have a lot of impact on their kids from the working day that child is born. Kids learn how to talk from their parents, how to respect their elders and they should certainly learn healthful eating doing exercises habits from other parents. There are numerous steps to ingest showing a young child what is healthier unhealthy.

A parent or guardian could make certain a child will get a portion of fruits or vegetables at lunch dinner, eliminate soda from the home and even remove all processed foods from the home. From a age, mother and father taught myself to have an apple for a snack instead of a cookie that I needs to be getting five servings of fruits or perhaps vegetables per day. This lesson has inspired me also until today when my buddies I will move and consume a salad in lunch instead of pizza or chips.

I possess also eliminated all soda pop from my own diet. Father and mother need to demonstrate their children that exercise is not only a bad issue. At a new age, father and mother need to display children that you have other things to accomplish, like playing tag or perhaps playing at the park, than simply watching big t. v. Father and mother could bring in their children to different sports before the child detects one that he or she is interested in. My parents entered me in move class were lucky in locating that that was what I enjoyed. I have already been dancing seeing that I was three years old I as well played soccer for 8 years.

This isnt extremely tough to turn away a big t. v. and send your sons or daughters outside to experience. Parents are not solely responsible for child unhealthy weight schools, take out companies the government also need to make a change against kid obesity. Schools today usually do not provide a superb selection of healthy food. My pupil body is fortune that we have an off-campus lunch but also then it is difficult to find healthy food.

Fast food firms definitely need some fault. With promoting that appeals to children, it can be no wonder that America is fat. Through whining for your toy that the child could get with a youngsters meal, the parent is definitely pressured to visit a fast foodstuff place. Daniel Weintraub argues that parents are responsible for kid obesity. Certainly with Weintraub but schools fast food businesses also need to help in the fight against child obesity.

Comments This essay illustrates the EPT Credit scoring Guides conditions for a credit score of 6th. The outstanding response implies that the copy writer is very well-prepared to handle college-level reading and writing. The writer clearly explains Weintraubs argument concerning childhood overweight in the initially paragraph and takes a thoughtful position, fighting that Weintraub is right to a degree but that educational institutions, fast food businesses the government also have to take that same motivation. The copy writer skillfully restates Weintraubs argument in the initial paragraph besides making a further connection in the second paragraph by saying, they need to learn healthful eating doing exercises habits from their parents.

Yet , the highlighted should shows that the article writer questions if this always happens. The conclusion again refers back to Weintraub. The essay demonstrates quality and clarity of thought using its careful examination of both the strengths and weaknesses of Weintraubs somewhat overstated position. The essay reflects an effective use of matter statements and strong personal examples to both support Weintraubs argument that parents are responsible for child years obesity regarding eating and exercise behaviors and associated with case that others are responsible as well.

Sentence structure is various and word choice is precise. The essay has handful of errors. Sample student essay with a score of five America is now known as the fattest country in the united states. Many of our countrys people fault the junk food industry intended for over-advertising, providing unhealthy food, and selling oversized portions. Yet , others believe that Americas obeisity is a couple of personal responsibility.

In his document The battle against fast food begins in the home, Daniel Weintraub explains that parents require responsibility to get the ways of eating of their youngsters, and I go along with his judgment in this subject. As People in the usa, we are offered the freedom of preference, however , prior to we become adults, it truly is our father and mother that have to train us steps to make the right decisions. This is Weintraubs point.

In the event parents are certainly not willing to educate their kids the risks of eating too much fast food and not having enough workout, then these kids have no way to make the right options. Kids study best while very young, therefore , educating them very good habits enables them to make the correct decisions later. I agree with Weintraubs opinion that parents are dependable. Obviously, junk food companies are likely to market to kids they are more impressionable.

Because of this, if perhaps parents would start teaching kids at the beginning, they would use that impressionable quality to their advantage. The key benefits of education are apparent in almost everything we all do. For example , a better knowledgeable person can solve complications quickly and easily. The same goes for someone educated with regards to health practices.

They can associated with best choices because they have been taught to do this. Fast food firms provide a service. It is up to us, or our father and mother if we are certainly not yet old, to decide simply how much of that support we should use.

In conclusion, Daniel Weintraub is correct in his assesment of one of the causes of Americas obeisity. The fact is that zero child can grow approximately be a brilliant human being with out a proper education, wether this be in mathematics or eating habits. Fast food businesses are always gonna compete can be and try to generate profits, but they simply cannot control our decisions. The only people who can make selections for us each of our ourselves, and cannot make the right options without proper education from our parents.

We cannot blame others for our very own problems. Only if parents and the population of American in general happen to be educated and choose to live healthy life styles will the countrys obeisity end. Commentary This essay displays the EPT Scoring Manuals criteria for the score of 5. The clear competence of the article indicates that the writer is very ready to handle college-level reading and writing.

The article writer addresses the topic of childhood weight problems clearly, outlining and then agreeing with Weintraubs position. Additional references to Weintraub within the body and realization maintain a definite focus on the argument. The essay gives a well-reasoned response, demonstrating that various elements contribute to years as a child obesity although finally siding with Weintraub in placing the responsibility on parents We are not able to make the proper choices without right education from our parents. The essay displays some interesting depth of believed in making the situation that adults are responsible in making their own audio choices although parents are accountable for the choices their children make.

Yet , the writer simply dismisses the responsibility of the fast-food industry without evaluation. The composition is fairly evidently organized surrounding the ideas that parents are in charge of their kids choices and that the best way to counter pret a manger advertising can be through education however , some repetition and a lack of solid examples deteriorate the copy writers argument. The sentences are varied and word selections are generally precise and effective.

The article has just a few minor mistakes failure to use a semicolon with however , misspelling of unhealthy weight, and the distracting repetition of America in the first line. Sample pupil essay having a score of 4 Overweight Can Be Ended Within the Home The article named, The battle against fast food begins in your own home, is the creators Daniel Weintraub, point of view around the rising unhealthy weight problem in America. Mr. Weintraub wrote this type of piece with one objective to educate the readers with his individual views. Mister.

Weintraub doesnt blame the federal government, or promoting for People in america weight difficulty. But , instead he seems that parents are the sole component. He not merely blames parents for their childrens poor eating habits, but also for that they lack of work out, and physical activity.

I strongly agree with Mister. Weintraub because of the dynamics and regimne of fogeys lives today and parents attempting to blame everyone and thing but themselves. I actually strongly believe Mr. Weintraub because of the characteristics and regimne of parents lives today. Mister.

Weintraub the actual point in his article that, Fast Food is usually fast., and It can also seem cheap. (Weintraub) This is precisely what parents whom work all day long want. They would like to feed youngsters, not prepare food but nourish, and rest after a hard days function. They may not mean to, but they are already to blame for their childs diet plan. However , taking easy path, they have already put their children in danger.

The dynamics of their daily regimne normally allow them to give food to their child junk. Not only do I really believe that Mr. Weintraub is proper because of the aspect and regimne of parents lives today, nevertheless I likewise strongly Accept Mr. Weintraub because of parents wanting to blame everyone and thing yet themselves. First off, in an content written by Shannon Brownlee named, Its Portion distortion that produces America fat, a mother who was suing McDonalds stated, 1 often believed B food was healthy intended for my son. (Brownlee) This kind of statement reveals a parent who is willing to pin the consequence on a company, whose sole purpose is making money, for her children’s obesity.

All the while parents eat, themselves, the very same food because their child. They dont keep any responsibility that maybe their child will certainly mimic these same habits. In the Letters to the Editor section a woman, Patricia Gonzalez, positions a good query Why arent they (parents) home cooking them (children) healthy food choices (Letters to Editor) Instead of parents going on about how corporations made their kids fat, or how promoting hooked their children, why never they remove these factors and prepare their children dinner they find out is healthy and balanced I highly agree with Mr. Weintraub because of the dynamics and regimne of parents lives today and parents wishing to blame everyone and factor but themselves. Mr.

Weintraub expressed the best point. Because Americans, we should take responsibility ourselves and not blame other people. Parents may eliminate unhealthy weight before it probably is a problem within their childs existence.

That is why We strongly accept Mr. Weintraub. Commentary This kind of essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Courses criteria to get a score of 4. This kind of adequate respond to the topic shows that the copy writer should be able to manage college-level writing and reading. The writer clearly address Weintraubs disagreement that mom and dad are responsible for the epidemic of childhood overweight but fails to explain for what reason the fast-food companies, in whose sole purpose is earning profits, do not discuss responsibility.

The writer generally understands the passage and develops a sensible, if to some degree simplistic, response why don’t they… prepare their children food intake they understand is healthy and balanced The essay has a clear organization throughout the issues of parents lack of timedynamics and regimne of parents livesand parents aspire to shift pin the consequence on to others. Yet , well-chosen examples would improve the support for this disagreement. The dissertation demonstrates adequate use of format and dialect however , word choice is at times imprecise. For example , The article… may be the point of view… and hold virtually any responsibility.

Dynamics and regimne are used the two imprecisely and repetitively. The writer has general control of grammar and usage nevertheless , errors in punctuation and capitalization are routine and distracting. Sample college student essay with a score of three Who is to blame the parents, fast food companies, the us government or your self People now a days are so speedy to sue fast food firms for making them fat nevertheless all about self control. One should know his / her own body system and watch what they eat.

Fast food places take almost every corner but will not mean their particular making you consume there. In New York a youngster is sueing McDonalds in making her fat. He weighs in at 400 pounds.

His mother says I usually believed B food was healthy for my boy. How are these claims possible Two patty cheeseburgers, deep fried taters, and a large cup of soda is usually clearly not healthy. This kid probably ate at Burger king majority of enough time but My spouse and i doubt this individual ate presently there everyday for each meal so, just how is B fully to blaim. Whatsoever happen to exercising, if this kind of teenager was getting the needed exercise there is no way he could method in in 400 pounds. Dont misunderstand me Im not only on the fast meals companies aspect.

Yes B super-sizing almost all of their foods is a little severe. Having discounted prices like dollar nugget Tuesdays is also a large temptation. Fast food companies can cut down on the positioning of there restuarants.

Being that its and so convinent that its close to your house, inexpensive and fast is another way that makes Americans therefore addicted. To summarize, Both Us citizens and Fast Food Companies can alter for the better. People in america start taking some responsibility for what you put into your own body.

Fast Food Firms think of how many life is at risk as a result of what your nourishing them and cut back on broadening your franchises. Commentary This kind of essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Manuals criteria for a score of three. Although the article indicates a developing competence on the part of the writer, it is flawed in significant ways that suggest the writer needs further practice before being able to flourish in college-level writing and reading.

The article writer does not arrive at a thesis until the realization, which states, In conclusion, Both equally Americans and Fast Food Corporations can change for the best. Even if this kind of thesis was presented in the introduction, nevertheless , it would have to be made further. The writer does not sum up or explain Weintraubs disagreement and fails to respond to the argument that parents are mainly responsible for their particular childrens ingesting and work out habits. The writer does not use Weintraubs argument about the position of parents to build up the response as a result, the essay is usually not centered on Weintraubs argument but instead focuses totally on the responsibility of the individual as well as the fast-food market.

The dissertation demonstrates simplified thinking. It ignores the socioeconomic and developmental issues that can obstruct children and parents from making wise decisions about what that they eat. It also ignores the imperative for businesses to make funds when it suggests that McDonalds can cut down on the positioning of presently there restaurants. A skeletal business is present, together with the two physique paragraphs every addressing a single idea that is definitely summarized inside the conclusion. The paragraphs are underdeveloped they require additional details and evaluation.

In addition , the role of parental responsibility needs to be looked into. The paragraphs need successful topic phrases relating back to a managing idea or thesis. The writers terminology is highly relaxed, relying on several rhetorical questions and colloquial remarks (Who is always to blame…

Just how is this feasible Whatever affect exercising Never get me wrong. ) in place of research. The article writer uses vague or wrong pronoun reference (one ought to know… and watch the actual eat nevertheless doesnt mean their causing you to eat there), and sentence structure is fragile (Being that its and so convinent… is one method that makes People in america so addicted. ). The key errors, nevertheless , are in the mechanics, with numerous problems in punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Sample student article with a report of 2 Bigger isnt usually better Last year a Bronx teenager whom weighted around wooping 500 pounds sitting in a confrence room while their mom tryed arranging a match againt Burger king for generate her kid fat.

When ask so why she replyed I always believed McDonalds food was healthy and balanced for my own son. More and more americans are attempting to blame take out for the reason they may be fat, although is it what they eat or perhaps how much. Shannon Brownlee asked this problem and this is what she discovered.

Portion sizes has been sneaking up ward science 72. That when McDolands introduced its large size fries. (which now was smaller than a moderate today. ) And now earning more money after that ever, they do it by simply consumer treatment. Example 7-Eleven can sell the 64-ounce Dual Gulp pertaining to only 37 cents even more the 16-ounce 89 dollar regular Gulp. Youd truly feel ripped off should you bought the smaller size. And thats just the way I believe when I head to fast food perhaps you should get the greater size your pay just as much as being a regular.

Following reading Shannon Brownlees document I understand and agree that people arnt obtaining fat from your food yet from simply how much they consume. So probably all those mothers should end getting mad that their very own kid have become fat and become mad in their youngster for eating so much and throwing away money on meals that 75 of the time that they dont complete Commentary This essay displays the EPT Scoring Courses criteria for a score of 2. The serious flaws here suggest that this copy writer will need significant additional practice before having the capacity to succeed in college-level reading and writing. The writer would not summarize or perhaps respond to Weintraubs argument, instead lifting portions from another article by Shannon Brownlee about fast food.

The writer does not utilize passage at all. Sample pupil essay using a score of 1 Many persons blame the fast food market for making these people obese. Nevertheless not their fault it is the fault of the fogeys. It is theirs for not instructing the person the right way to eat right. It’s the parents responsibility to teach youngsters o eat right and to excise at lest once a day.

People in the usa have taken the blame of obesity and put that one that junk food industry. Many parents have got filled lawsuits against Burger king for their health conditions. Commentary This kind of essay demonstrates the EPT Scoring Courses criteria for any score of just one. The fundamental deficiencies of this essay clearly reveal that the article writer needs very much additional practice to be prepared to succeed by college-level reading and writing.

The documents lengthsix sentencesis insufficient to respond to the problem. The writer misunderstands the passage and fails to refer to it. The essay is repetitive. The first and fifth content repeat one another, as do the second, third, and fourth phrases. The writer culls the thought of parental responsibility from the passage but offers no support, reasons, or perhaps examples because the quick instructs.

The essay is apparently incomplete. It ends with a (misstated) statement of fact from your passage that possibly belongs inside the summary percentage of the article or should be omitted rather than the writers own views and supportthe better option. The article writer lacks fundamental control of format and language. The article writer has significant and persistent mistakes in sentence structure, usage, and mechanics that severely impact meaning.

Pronoun confusion (It is their own… ), preposition misuse (blame of obesity), and punctuation errors are profound.