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Before heading and use big money on a professional site designer, or perhaps start developing yourself, read through this article and ensure that you or your custom made knows how to design a website the fact that search engines will like.

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As being a web designer personally, I know firsthand what they educate you on in college about becoming a good custom made. While I discovered all of the significant design concepts like color theory, the importance of graphics and white space, ect ect, We came apart knowing absolutely nothing about how to really design a site to acquire ranked in the search engines.

Because of the lack of trained in design colleges, there are many, various web design corporations out there today that know absolutely nothing about designing a web site properly.

It wasnt until I started doing some research that we realized there is a whole associated with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques which i didnt learn about. Most designers love to make your site pleasing. Maybe each uses newer systems like Flash design or perhaps really graphical intensive internet pages. While these kinds of techniques choose your site appearance pretty they are really not practical if you ever want a visitor to look for your site in a search engine.

Here are some fundamental concepts to master before beginning your internet site design.


I know its appealing to have an all flash site because enables face this they look actually awesome. The challenge with having an all adobe flash site nevertheless, is that it truly is basically absent to the search engines.

A flash source file is definitely embedded inside the html and thus offers simply no content to which the search engine spiders can look by to list you. Until you are already recognized in your particular industry or have a very identifiable brand (think Pepsi or perhaps BMW) then you should not use an all adobe flash site.

But what in case you really, actually want to have display? Here are some techniques around this difficulty.

Initial, you can generate two websites for your visitors. An CODE version and a Display version. You are able to let your visitor decide where to go. That way you wont drop them off frustrated if perhaps they have a switch up interconnection and are certainly not surfing with broadband. There is nothing which will tick the potential customer away faster than having to wait around ten minutes just to look at your fancy flash intro. By having both versions available you also give the search results spiders a content abundant HTML internet site so they can ranking you consequently.

Second of all, you can add expensive components inside your main internet site to give away some great effects without taking forever to download. For instance, I have seen a whole lot of websites lately the place that the top header portion of their site is made in flash or their keys are done in flash to make them be noticeable more. These are two good ways to use flash without overcooking it. Just make sure that your body copy is keyword rich to counteract the expensive.

**Keyword Placement**

The following part presumes that you curently have researched and gathered targeted keywords to work alongside. If you have not really done key phrase research to your services or products you are selling, then you definitely have some function to do ahead of this next stage.

There is also a phrase that you will hear inside the SEO world and that is keyword rich text. This simply means that whenever you write the body copy to your website that you should word that a certain method so that you the keywords. Given that doesnt show that you insert a key word every other expression. The search engine bots consider that to be unsolicited mail. What it means is that you give your body copy a lot of believed, making sure you have keywords located within your replicate that make feeling to the total service or product that you will be selling.

Here is one of a key word rich paragraph offering an information merchandise on public speaking. The keywords are in quotes.

Are you interested in being a better public speaker or enhancing your public speaking abilities? You can turn into a paid public speaker and help to make lots of money for speaking in public into a wide variety of people. Learn all of the latest formal presentations tips and tricks, including learning how to defeat stage alarm and add wit to your display.

All of those keywords had been researched and located to be incredibly targeted to the phrase formal presentations. Now I gone a little crazy in my keywords for the example, nevertheless, you get the thought.

There exists another term called keyword density. This refers to how many times a certain keyword or perhaps phrase is found in one web page page for each and every 100 words and phrases.

You walk an excellent line between having enough keyword denseness to having a lot of and obtaining the search engines consider carefully your site to be spam. Remember though not all search engines are created the same. Some might like a key word density of 5 percent, although another one may possibly favor 7 percent. I would recommend testing your copy for the month or so and keeping tabs on your search engine ranking. If you get substantial ranks, maintain your copy the way in which it is, when it is below you want, try small adjustments your duplicate and key phrase density to see if you can get the required ranking.

**More Spots for Keywords**

There are other places that google search spiders try to find keywords besides your website backup. If at all possible get a domain name with one of your keywords in this. For instance if you sell dog collars, a name you might want for your website will be www. dogcollarsales. com or perhaps something like that. It might take several thinking and a few time to come program a related name that someone hasnt already used, but it can be achieved.

Great place to get keywords is in your page title. Instead of putting the name of your business which usually most people wont know, instead place a key word rich sentence or phrase. Using the dog training collar business example again listed here is a title web page you could use.

Dog Collars All of us sell dog collars and other products for your much loved pet.

It obviously tells the search engines what the page is about. Do not forget that the title of the website can be indexed by search engines and is also part of what is shown to someone who is searching on that keyword.

So merely typed in dog collars into my personal search engine, the title from above and my meta tag description would show in my search engine results. Make sure you infuse thought with your title.

This guideline also relates to your destinazione tag information which is also looked at when a internet search engine pulls up your site. Produce it only one or two keyword rich content. The meta tag keyword has significantly less impact today then it did a few years in the past, but I still advise adding some keywords. Dont go overboard and write out 40 keywords or your site will probably be considered spam to the search engines like google.

Many websites which can be designed today rely heavily on graphic content but not much more. Another suggestion on key word placement is usually to try to create a keyword rich phrase near the very top of your web page. Some people have got spots pertaining to banners and such at the top of all their pages, this can be the same kind of idea and can be made to seem pretty and not out of place. This is important because the internet search engine robots from the top of your page and work straight down. The nearer to the top from the page you have keywords a lot more the search engines will certainly think the page is relevant.

**A Frontpage Trick**

Search engine spiders will look in a block of text and if any kind of words or perhaps phrases happen to be typed in a great H1 size then they consider that expression to be from the utmost importance to the page. This is an excellent place to possess a keyword look required for the search engines.

Now for anyone who never know, an H1 dimensions are pretty big and would definitely stand out in your page and can oftentimes appearance a little unpleasant. There are methods around this in the event you know CSS well, but if you are designing your internet site yourself and still have no hint what CSS even can now be I can help you.

*This tip is merely for those of you who have are using Frontpage as your net editor. *

You can show search engines like google that the textual content is in a great H1 size, but then change the size of the written text back down to whatever size you wish instead. Heres how you take action.

In Frontpage select the text you want to use and set it to the H1 size. Then review to the font size drop down and change this to what ever size you need to use. Its that easy.

Now 1 drawback to employing this technique is that there will be empty space around the phrase that is certainly designated because an H1 size. Fundamentally it is still taking up a simlar amount of room it normally would, it just doesnt appearance so coldly obvious. This method is best used for titles of paragraphs or break details in paragraphs, so that it wont look odd to your tourists.

**The ALT Tag**

This design and style tip is a nice clever approach to acquire an extra key word or two with your site. The ALT indicate is an HTML tag that is used when you want to give a written explanation for a image element around the page. It was designed primarily so that in the event that someone couldnt download the pictures, they will could observe an alternative description in text describing the picture.

Rather than describing the style you can create a keyword inside the alt tag instead. Heres an example of what the HTML code could look like.

img border=0 src=myimage. jpg width=640 height=150 alt=keyword phrase

These are a few proven methods when designing your site to improve your engine ranking.