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Good morning/afternoon teachers. I agree that the returns of moving into the world happen to be worth the travails. To my opinion, Individuals who endeavor into fresh experiences may well encounter hurdles, and in purchase for them to gain the returns they seek out, they must conquer and conquer these obstacles.

This obvious in L. C Burke’s The Story of Tom Brennan, a book that is depending on one family’s tragedy and how individuals increase when they are removed from their convenience zones and venture in new sides. Similarly, this is also seen in T. L Hancock’s film The Blind Side, a film based on a homeless and traumatised teenager who developed into a great football person and well-educated student. This speech displays how the text messaging depict the themes of fear, companionship and the theme of darkness.

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I will demonstrate how they demonstrate the benefits of getting into the world, are worth the struggles. The storyline of Ben Brennan is known as a first person bank account of the tragic events and subsequent returns faced by the Brennan family members following a fatal car crash. The poignant concept of the fear is definitely continuously portrayed in this book and this contributes to the struggles that Tom looks.

Tom is fearful in the reaction of those in Coghill, this is obvious when Ben states, “maybe he’d noticed what happened to us in Mumbilli”. Fear is also noticeable when Jeff is wondered by the pool attendant, “I opened my personal mouth…the appear stuck anywhere in my throat. Here should go I thought. ” Tom’s anxiety and perhaps paranoia is apparent in this exchange, highlighting the obstacles he previously to overcome in order to experience the rewards of getting into a new world. Friendship can be described as recurring motif in the book, and is displayed when Mary and Matt maintain their particular friendship inspite of those in Mumbilli becoming obviously aggressive to the Brennan family.

This really is evident when Tom says, “if I desired to get from the house, I’d go to Matt’s, I was always welcome there”. Tom is additionally able to forge new friendships as seen in his meaningful relationship with Chrissy, who have provides her support in numerous events. From assisting Tom after he is heckled at a football match against his former university, to motivating Tom to go to and speak with Fin, Chrissy becomes Toms “Everything”. These kinds of friendships forged during such a struggle,  illustrate a positive effect. The theme of night is used throughout the novel to symbolize a state of torment and anguish.

Jeff states, “suddenly I was drawn deeper in to that long dark-colored tunnel…” This kind of darkness appears to be lifted when Tom changes into his new existence when he proclaims, “There was not a point seeking back because there was practically nothing there”. Following your tragedy and the impact on the Brennan family members, Tom can find tranquility with himself and take pleasure in in his romance with Chrissy, emphasizing that the rewards of moving Into the earth are worth the action. Hancock’s The Blind Part is based on the journey of any homeless and undereducated African-American high school scholar. After being welcomed in the Tuohy’s along with being recruited by a main football system the leading part, Michael Oher is groomed to become the exact opposite.

Much to the just like The Story of Tom Brennan, The Window blind Side likewise portrays the theme of a friendly relationship. Michael and Leigh Anne, his adoptive mother, equally impact every other’s your life, this is noticeable when Leigh Anne responses to a assertion saying, “I’m not changing his your life, he’s changing mine”. This may not be just Michael jordan moving into a fresh world, this can be Leigh Anne’s story also. Darkness is also used to portray anguish inside the Blind Part. When Leigh Anne and Michael initially meet, it truly is in the darkness, on a frosty and moist night.

Michael jordan had no place to sleep, and Leigh Anne took him into her home, therefore commencing this kind of transition in a new world, in to her community. This primary meet is usually juxtaposed up against the final landscape when they take hold of in the lighting on a sun-drenched day while Michael activates to college after a very successful football advertising campaign. After the travails, their benefits are now shinning through. Changes can test out a person’s resilience although serve as the catalyst to get positive change.

The designs explored inside the text portray the obstacles of moving into the world, in addition to the rewards of overcoming this sort of struggles. Inside the famous terms of W. T Wa “Success can be not scored by the levels one reaches, but by the obstacles a single overcomes in the attainment”.