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The fog of conflict essay

In the beginning scenes from the documentary, The Fog of War, Robert McNamara declares, “Any military commander who may be honest confesses that this individual has made faults, errors of judgment. ” Throughout the documented, I got the sense that McNamara is usually asking for forgiveness from the American public and is telling them that […]

Introducing the role of presidency in security of

Role of Government The role of presidency surveillance in national secureness has been a great prolonged a significant our region. We face a question: may be the violation of the privacy truly worth the security that could potentially always be provided? The beginnings of your current government surveillance range from Patriot Act, passed after 9/11, […]

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We Should End War in Middle East Essay

“American military killed in attack. ” This is the newest headline away of Korea, yet stories like these are generally too prevalent, even while the armed forces perform their best to censor the reality of the warfare from reaching the home entrance. The intense realities of the war in Iraq cannot be sufficiently censored to […]