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To control exchange charge risk activity, Tiffany’s targets should be to decrease foreign exchange price risk and lower counterparty risks. We would like to minimize these types of risks mainly because Tiffany & Co. is selling products that are denominated in US dollars, but sold for yen in the Japanese market. The goal of this program should be to prevent the downgrading of the yen against the ALL OF US dollar by hedging the currency. The expected Japanese sales of Tiffany & Co. must be actively maintained by purchasing hedging contracts constantly on expiration of prior contract.

1 . In what way(s) is Tiffany exposed to exchange-rate risk after its fresh distribution arrangement with Mitsukoshi? How significant are these risks? ans: he first alternative was going to sell yen for dollars at a predetermined price in the future usinga forward deal. 2 . Should certainly Tiffany actively manage it is yen-dollar exchange-rate risk? So why or why not? 3. In the event that Tiffany were to manage exchange-rate risk activity, what should be the objectives of such a program?

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Specifically, what exposures should be actively managed? Just how much of these exposures should be protected, and for the length of time? 4. While instruments for risk management, what are the chief distinctions of foreign-exchange options and forward and futures deals?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and every? Which, if either, of those types of instruments can be most appropriate intended for Tiffany to use if it chose to manage exchange-rate risk? your five. How should certainly Tiffany plan itself to handle its exchange-rate risk? Who have should be responsible for executing it is hedges?

Who also should have oversight responsibility just for this activity?