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Topshop, one of the big name in the world fashion’s industry has recently arrived in Vietnam on Drive 13th, 2013. Located in Bitexco Financial Tower system, the iconic building of the energetic Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Topshop has received quite great attention to foreign visitors and Thai, who have known about this famous brand. Its focus on customers are young, fashionable women with higher salary, who can become either a fresh graduates, vocalists, actresses or perhaps a full-time personnel who want to be unique and trendy by putting on a costume. Offering to the market the most modern fashion bits, Topshop positions itself with the unique high street style collection range from apparel, accessories and shoes.

Although its cost is not low, Topshop is still relatively a reasonable brand particularly for the value they provide to buyers compared to different luxury manufacturer. Having the the majority of successful retailing story, Topshop has been doing a great IMC campaig in order to present itself to a new industry such as Vietnam, increase consciousness. They used a lot of IMC tools to reach the objectives possibly by internet marketing, printed promoting or advertising with a number of events and sales advertising. However , nevertheless they had quite good approach with ideal touch points, Topshop keeps having some flaws in the way they performed the campaign, which usually still requires some advancements.

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The main weak spot is we were holding a little fussy on the stations used to talk to the consumers, which decreases the effectiveness of the IMC advertising campaign. In addition , their existing information communicating equipment (Facebook, on-line website,.. ) are still insufficient details about the items in terms of selling price, quantity and size. These days, on Mar 15th 2013, with No Son Ltd (see Appendix 1), Topshop has finally come and opened its shiny gates for the first time in Vietnam, which was right away a buzz to Vietnamese fashionistas.

Right now, those customers can easily have their on the job the most trendy fashion items from the primary high street make of the world without traveling or spending time and efforts to get online via overseas on the web stores. installment payments on your Target Buyer As one of the many coveted traditional fashion retailer, Topshop not simply targets by young contemporary women outdated from 12-15 to 35, its niche market is the selection of females who have are driven by a desire to be fashionable and classy, who appreciate pubbing or perhaps clubbing, who wish to keep up with the latest trend in fashion magazines. These kinds of experiencers and innovators will be upper-class buyers with middle to dangerous of income, who are going to spend 70 dollars for any piece of cloth that can offers them a feeling of fun. (Please refer to Appendix 2- Customer Segmentation Chart for more in depth information) 3. Positioning Map Currently, Topshop uses immediate marketing funnel to promote many which appeal to a lot of customers every day.

There exists only one store which located on one of the most well-known Building in HCMC, the Icon sixty-eight Bitexco. Consumers can also locate Topshop’s items on their official webpage; however , online shopping can be not yet available. 3. Cost: Being the middle-end fashion brand in britain, however , Topshop is differentin Vietnamese consumer mind. In Vietnam, Topshop is considered as being a higher-end with slightly larger price, this is why Maison JSC. applies value- based prices, thatranges coming from 500, 000VND to 3, 500, 000VND. four.

Promotions (Topshop IMC Plan tools) Weak points: These adverts were not placed continuously (once on Haper’s Bazaar in March 2013 ( the month of opening) and 2 times with short updates about their sales promotions on her behalf World( May and 06 2013). Besides that, they were doing not stay on the magazine and on the net newspaper intended for international customers whom live or perhaps travel in Vietnam.

Although Topshop was just opened up for some months, they had 3 diverse sale advertising events by different occasions: Opening Sale Promotion (30% off) 30th The spring and very first May Sales Promotion (50% on chosen items) Last Reduction Sales Promotion in June (50% on chosen items) `According to Shim (2010), theHierarchy of Marketing Interaction Effects, TOPSHOP is within the trial stage. Therefore , this can be a perfect method to get the consumers try theirs products to influence their attitude and belief toward the brand. In result, at any sale events, customers were willing to wait to get a probability to shop in TOPSHOP.

Weaknesses: The sale incidents were only introduced to Maison’s customers through portable messages, about facebook as well as its website, not enough notifications were given to consumers. According to Maison (2013), Maison JSC is among the leading fashion selling companies in Vietnam presenting some of the most well-known international fashion brands to Vietnam. Since its establishment in 2002, the corporation has attained 15 brands in its profile: Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Karen Millen, Shoreline, Maison Store, bebe, Topshop Topman, Pedro, Oasis, Manga, Charles & Keith, Storage place, Accessorize, Suite Blanco, Havaianas (Maison Store).

To date, the organization there are six-hundred employees with 38 shops, 26 in HCMC and 12 in Hanoi. Trailblazers: are powerful, sophisticated, take-charge people with substantial self-esteem. Their particular purchases indicate cultivated tastes for high end, niche goods. Loyalty position: Range from Not really Loyal to Completely loyal Preparedness stage: conscious (people whom know about TOPSHOP), unaware (people who under no circumstances know about TOPSHOP before) TOPSHOP Vietnam shopping bag, even though it is implemented from the globe, has a incredibly unique style, and color with a big logo of TOPSHOP, that could easily reflects the sight of any kind of shopper who also pass by. It is very different from the appearance of other trend brands buying bags in Vietnam.

They normally only have simple colors as well as the brands crafted on them and so when people visit a person transporting a TOPSHOP shopping bag, it is a sign for them that TOPSHOP is currently available in Vietnam. APPENDIX 4- REASONS FOR USING FACEBOOK In respect to Facebook for Business (n. d. ), there are around 3. 2billion timesthat persons click in Comments about Facebook every single day. Facebook can be seemly a spot to connect and share information of everybody in the world.

This can be a chance of low-cost-advertising with the business brandfor all those who have the very own business. Topshop Vietnam take the advantage from the large existing and potential customer on Facebook to introduce all their brand to Vietnamese persons for the first appearance in Vietnam and also participate the brand awareness(Queensland Government, 2013) by customersby sharing details, pictures, video tutorials and personal concepts about the merchandise each other. This is of great powerful not only since it is a cheap way to market but plus it focuses very well on the feel point ( Facebook) from the targeted section.

According to YanGroup (2013), in the photography contest, the consumer will come to Topshop outlet to capture the picture and upload about Facebook to get other consumer voting. At the conclusion of the tournament, the victor who had the highest Like coming from Facebook will receive 5 mil dong. Yangroup 2013, ‘Vòng bình ch? n “Photo Me” c? a Topshop b? t? u’, Google. com, twentieth March, looked at 6th This summer 2013