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YTL Cement’s purpose in beginning this organization is to source quality cement to local construction companies for a competitive price particularly in the eastern hallway of peninsular Malaysia. There are no bare cement plants in the eastern aspect of peninsular Malaysia.

So , cost of purchasing cement was high due to logistics. The plant in Pahang fixed all concerns as we can now give cement with a much cheaper cost. YTL Concrete is currently the 2nd largest bare cement producer in Malaysia. Our goal shall be the largest bare cement producer in Malaysia and also southeast Asia. From one concrete plant, we now have rapidly extended to 4 plant at this point.

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The objective to be the most significant cement developer in Malaysia might come to previous earlier than predicted. PRODUCTS & SERVICES We have 5 styles of bagged merchandise and four types of bulk item. The five brands inside the bagged products are Fort, Orang Kuat, Wallcem, Marinecem and Dragon. Each handbag weighs 50 kilogrammes.

Each brand is unique in terms of uses, strength and suitability. Cement has many uses during the building process such as brick making, brick putting, concreting, filling and tiling. So , each brand has its suitability. As an example, when it comes to tiling, the brands Castle and Dragon would be the most suitable. We now have 4 kinds of bulk items.

They are MASCEM, SLAGCEM, OPC and CLAGCEM GGBS. Large products are often dispatched in tankers. The weight of each and every tanker differs from 28 tonnes to forty five tonnes. We all supply large cement to all parts of Malaysia via tankers and railroad.

CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS YTL Cement features customers and clients the two locally and internationally. The bagged products targets little contractors, components stores and individual purchasers. These concentrate on use concrete for small-scale renovations and also other personal work with.

Bulk cement is usually bought by huge contractors who also are employed by the federal government or the private sector to develop housing properties, buildings, bridges and more. The cement volume needed in these projects is usually huge so purchases are manufactured in bulks. 4 EXTERIOR FACTORS Economic climate The cement industry depends upon what economy situation.

If the economic climate is stable, then development and building is on-going. The government and private organizations is going to initiate projects which include casing and other infrastructure project which requires cement. Hence, the necessity for concrete will increase. But if there is an economy recession, it will have a poor impact on the construction industry.

And once the construction industry is down, then the demand for cement is going to decrease that may directly affect the cement sector. Technology Technology plays an essential role along the way of making concrete. Technology is growing and new machinery is continually being brought to maximize outcome and reduce the usage of electrical power. The advances in technology, in addition has allowed bare cement plants to boost production on a regular basis. This immediately contributes to the money of the business.

One of the biggest issues in cement plants would be the breakdowns. Metal fatigue and corrosion cause machinery in order to down which will effects production. Technology today allows machines to run longer with nominal maintenance techniques. Legal Legal implications usually surround hefty industries that effect the planet.

New acts and fresh policies unplaned by government authorities will affect the cement sector. A growing population with developing concerns regarding the environment can push the federal government to enforce new regulations which will directly or indirectly affect the cement industry. Environment The most important raw material to used to make cement is limestone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock.

Limestone can be extracted in 2 different ways which are from hills which contain limestone and two, coming from limestone deposit deep underground. Aggressive mining can diminish the limestone and when that occurs, we will not have the ability to produce cement. As most organic resources, limestone is not really renewable hence making it a restricted resource. Fossil fuel is used in cement plants to heat up the kiln. A kiln is something such as an oven in which raw materials are transformed for high temperatures.

The temperature within a cement kiln can reach up to 1400 level Celsius. So , huge amounts of coal are used day-to-day to heat up the kilns. Like limestone, coal is also a limited source. The destruction of coal will influence the concrete industry.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE YTL Cement provides a top down organizational framework. It is a family owned business. As a result, all decisions are made by the Executive Movie director which is Dato’ Sri Jordan Yeoh who will be a member of the Yeoh relatives. Authority is vested at the top and moves down through directors, managers and executives before finally reaching people who make the item. The four functions from this organization which are vital will be operations, human resources, finance and purchasing.

Operations The operations group are responsible for the day to day businesses of the bare cement plant and everything its equipment. Achieving daily production result is the end result of this team. Human Resources The human resources crew are in charge of daily employee related actions such as recruiting, training and development, presence, disciplinary and many more. Finance The finance crew are responsible for financial aspects of the plant in the daily matters this kind of receiving obligations, making repayments, processing invoices and much more. Getting The getting team deals with all purchases made by all the other departments in the plant.

CUSTOMIZATION PERFORMANCE Each of the functions inside the organization function hand in hand to optimize overall performance. Operations Procedures is the money maker in the organization. The wages, revenue of the firm depends on the capacity of operation in achieving the targets. The greater money the corporation makes, the better it really is for the stakeholder plus the employees. The extra funds can be utilised in various techniques such as upgrading infrastructure and machinery, providing more bonuses and rewards to employees, increased increments, better bonuses and much more.

Changing infrastructure and machinery will certainly directly increase performance. Improved performance brings about increased development which leads to increased income. Providing better benefits, increments and bonus deals, increases the employees’ morale and motivation. A motivated staff raises production. This will directly lead to customization the functionality of the department which will in that case optimize the performance in the organization.

Human Resources Human resources work together with the rest of the departments in the organization in several ways. Recruitment of employees depending on the prediction, manpower planning and attrition is a continuous process. Selecting the right candidate on the right time is important to insure that efficiency is certainly not affected.

A pool of suitable applicants for important positions should always be available in case of unforeseen emergency. Preservation of workers is also essential. Each employee carries knowledge, skill and experience of the designated position he or she performs in.

Shedding an employee can impact performance of the department. Resources such as time, energy and money have to be used to re-train a new employee. As such, recruiting must always be aware of the current market salary, current compensation and benefits deals, training and development requirements as to maintain turnover as low as possible.

Finance The finance department’s activities cover anything from bookkeeping to providing details to managers and owners in making strategic decisions.  Finance department is in charge of all the day by day transactional accounting for the corporation. This includes checking of all economical transactions that occurs in the firm.

The fund department is also responsible for the organization’s cash flow to ensure that cash are available to satisfy the day to day obligations. This is important regarding make sure that operations run smoothly without any complications. The financial department as well contributes to the management and improvement in the operations by simply reporting frequently on crucial numbers essential to the success of the business.

They also assist managers and head of departments to arrange budgets and forecasts. These details can be used to plan machinery purchases and growth and funds needs prior to they become required. All this play a role in optimising the performance with the organization.

Purchasing The part of the getting department is usually to procure most necessary components needed for production or daily operation with the organization. Pertaining to YTL Concrete, a heavy industry company, this will likely include raw materials such as straightener, silica, gypsum, coal or perhaps sand which will be used in making cement. Additional items procured, which are as equally important such as machinery parts, electrical parts are vital in preserving operations from the plant. The purchasing division also needs to assess the prices of materials obtained to maximize success.

A purchasing department in a business needs to find the best vendors’ at the most reasonable prices. Purchasing office staff has to communicate with various vendors to negotiate a much better price for just about any material which will be ordered. CULTURE AND ITS AFFECTS 3 HR ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT THE ORGANIZATION’S STRATEGY Strategic HOURS Planning Ideal HR preparing is links HR supervision directly to the strategic program of the business. Organizations nowadays have an organized plan that guides all of them in efficiently achieving their particular vision and mission.

Based on this proper plan, the business can develop an organized HR prepare that will allow HUMAN RESOURCES to make decisions today to support the near future direction of the organization. Strategic HR organizing also helps to: Ensure satisfactory workforce to meet the strategic goals and operational programs of your firm Keep informed with monetary changes, technological changes, interpersonal changes and legal changes that effect HR and the cement industry Talent Management A skilled workforce is vital to achieve the vision and mission. Aligning individual desired goals with the agencies strategy is a proven menu for success.

Goal alignment can be described as powerful administration tool. When the organization activates employees in their work through aim alignment, a larger employee title in your company’s ultimate accomplishment is created. As a result, the employees be committed to your enterprise and attain higher levels of job overall performance.

Compensation & Benefits A good compensation and benefits deal will always appeal to competent employees. Employing qualified workers brings about better results and leads to bigger productivity. A compensation and benefits program that advantages employees to get company devotion is also essential in maintaining talented workers. When this kind of appreciation is shown to mature employees, fresh employees realize that the organization principles employees who also choose to work together with the organization to get the long lasting.

This motivates new employees to decide create a career together with the organization consequently retaining competent employees. 3 WAYS HR SUPPORT THE LINE MANAGERS AND STAFF Training and Development Based on ideal to start Needs Analysis (TNA), HUMAN RESOURCES can then select the relevant training training and trainers to train the employees. Whether its technical teaching or supervision training, selecting the best kind of schooling with the right modules and trainer is vital. This to make sure that the training is relevant and effective. Training improves staff job overall performance.

This helps reduce job efficiency disputes and contributes to the department attaining its KPI. Coaching Instruction can improve employee functionality, increase employee engagement and minimize turnover. During coaching, the key issue will probably be on the employee’s performance in the workplace which includes analysis, appraisals and discussing the employee’s durability and disadvantages. Employees truly feel more employed when they may discuss their very own achievement and plan for the near future.

Engaged worker will work harder, contribute more and are less more likely to leave the corporation. Recruitment & Selection Recruiting includes verification potential applicants using testing and interviews and then choosing the right candidate. This procedure is important the candidate should be balanced when it comes to technical understanding and also has good persona and managing skills.

This will help department if the right person is picked and the prospect is able to satisfy their fresh roles effectively. Choosing the wrong candidate can cause de-motivating and de-moralising current employees, workplace disputes, poor performance by department plus much more.