War is Peace Essay

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Published: 03.02.2020 | Words: 642 | Views: 357
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While the Night emerge over Afghanistan on August 7th 2001, the night was suddenly flashing with screen of light and sound.

Incongruously it was a Black Sunday for the individuals of Afghanistan. The U. S carried out air raids on Afghanistan. Afghanistan was already in rubble. Were these kinds of attacks validated? These raids were telecast on TV stations.

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Many faithful children observed these extreme episodes of blood shed. For every terrorist killed, a large number of innocent lives were wiped out. These killings created even more terrorists. Precisely what is this battle and violence all about?

This is about space, not a war of good more than evil or culture. Living without space can prove to be claustrophobic and so this blew up into a warfare. These raids totally pulverized Afghanistan further. All the arterial roads had been closed and with winter setting in, it was difficult for people to get meals. Though meals packets had been air dropped, people were in constant anxiety about being blown up by land mines.

During the past twenty years wars between Soviet Union and America have given rise to a group of maimed and disfigured people mostly within their forties. Young orphans stripped of their purity strutted around with firearms in their hands. These were young hands that never placed teddies.

Young men beat and raped girls without any thoughts of remorse. Now North alliance Taliban’s opponent is trying to find supremacy above Kabul and faced with total defeat and soldiers had been switching attributes. Are these kinds of acts of communal physical violence justified?

There is not any excuse. These acts may not be justified regardless if it is in retribution. The international parti against terror is a number of rich countries that hold guns of mass destruction Chemical, Biological and Elemental.

Most wars have been fought against by these types of countries. They have upheld physical violence and warfare. They have supported dictators. Arundhathi Roy can be an intense writer.

Her in depth descriptions of war makes you sit up and think. Your woman speaks of these acts of violence from a cultural and ethnic perspective. What is this warfare all about? Would it be about creating peace? Tranquility at what cost?

May peace be performed with more assault and preventing? It simply leads to public violence and hatred. This kind of communal assault is a result of misinterpretation of Religion plus the real issue gets sidelined. Can’t these types of terrorist disorders be diagnosed before it happens?

With all the modern gadgets and the intelligence at work it is impossible to track just about every email, every single phone call, letter or strategy. During wars; fear, suspicion and gossips terrify people. News of death and violence produce panic; ultimately causing more serves of assault. Ultimately it leads to monoculture and dictatorship. Use of faith to gain electrical power is hazardous.

The US air flow dropped meals like rice which could certainly not be cooked without fireplace. Was The US Government seeking to use this unhappiness to boost its image? Mcdougal wonders. In line with the book, there will be a few underlying causes than what it looks.

What is the root cause of this all blood shed and terrorism? The author amazing things if it was power and oil. Or was that good more than evil? Or was it all about religious beliefs?

At the end from the book Conflict is Peacefulness, the author Arundathi Roy inquiries how lengthy can we be mute race fans? Would it be not time for us to voice each of our opinions the girl wonders. May be the beauty and joy of nature dropped?

She wonders.