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The English civil war broke out in 1642 among King Charles II and parliament. In the following article I will state some of the most key elements of how the war out of cash out. In my conclusion Let me some up what I think the primary factor is that broke away war between your King and parliament. There was significant political opinions between the california king and legislative house. Charles planned to do whatsoever he needed because he thought that all was the actual king can do.

He brought in needless taxes in to England, such as ship duty which wasn’t needed as the country was not in a conflict with one more country. The sailors would not like dispatch tax because it meant that were there to pay money that didn’t need to be paid that would be spent on the king’s lavish deluxe lifestyle. Parliament on the other hand wished to have all the power as is feasible and wanted to overthrow Charles.

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Parliament introduced the Grand Remonstrance that has been a document that said each of the misdeeds that Charles got done. In addition they introduced the 19 propositions. They took power from Charles, thus Charles ruled without parliament for a time period. This made parliament and Charles angry at each other causing the region to split up into two organizations.

Parliament as well as the king had been each building up their own armies. They the two knew the fact that only approach to solve the problem was to possess a municipal war. This is because without each other the country will not be proper. Charles were required to face many financial complications. He plenty of arguments with parliament about these problems and many of them were linked to faith based and personal issues.

This individual needed cash to combat wars against Spain and France. He also needed to control the uprisings in Scotland and he had to pay of his individual expenses by his treat lifestyle. He was only having only a seventh of the money this individual requested from parliament so he made a decision to rule without them. This held up from 1629 to 1640. This didn’t help him with his funds raising although because he wasn’t being paid out at all by parliament now.

One of the ways he tried to increase money was going to fine persons. He would great poor people that had pulled down homes saying that that encouraged peasants to move to the city. Charles as well introduced deliver tax that meant sailors had to shell out to deliver goods in to the country. Charles wasted lots of money on different wars which he didn’t win and therefore he misplaced men and several money.

I believe that this factor is very important as it gave parliament a chance to observe one of Charles’ weaknesses. Everybody thought that Charles was changing the country catholic. This is because he married Henrietta Helen who was a Catholic and French. Legislative house were very strong protestants and were not pleased with Charles marrying Henrietta. Parliament were incredibly concerned with the marriage because it meant that if the ruler and Henrietta had children they would end up being Catholic which means the country could be converted into Catholicism.

Although Charles was a person in the House of worship of Britain he liked churches that had music and statues and preferred that way of worship. This is what Legislative house (the Puritans) were advertising against leading to even more matter. Charles introduced the plea book into all of the churches in Ireland. The Scottish people were certainly not in favour of this kind of and rebelled against Charles.

Overall I do think this component was very important because the entire country could have rebelled up against the king, giving parliament in a really strong location. In conclusion I think that the most important factor that out of cash out the city war was Charles’ faith based problems. Selection the whole country think that having been going to convert the country Catholic and they might have been influenced by Scottish rise? mutiny and rebelled against the california king.

This would have given Charles no other decision but for surrender.