Why Examination Should Not Be Abolished Essay

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Published: 08.11.2019 | Words: 342 | Views: 2185
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Examinations are a prevalent way to examine students ‘knowledge and abilities of subject matter at institution all over the world. Some individuals disagree that examinations produce competition prepare students for a lifetime and should not be removed.

However , specialists say that exams do not evaluate student know-how. Examinations may possibly have some disadvantages with regards to pressuring students ‘health; However , i think, examinations must not be abolished, since examination motivates students examine hard, assists students to find out weaknesses and strengths and give positive feedback to professors. One main reason examinations must not be abolished is that examinations stimulate students to study hard.

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For example , students require good levels to obtain progress amounts and to enter into university, thus student need to study hard for that. Likewise, it is rivalling with each other intended for better grades. High grades make them feel better about themselves and increase assurance. Another reason examination should not be removed is that it assists students to learn their strengths and weaknesses of the subject matter and inform students the actual need to improve on.

Examinations check students’ abilities in a subject matter. Thus, learners can know very well what weaknesses and strengths happen to be and if they would like to improve their disadvantages they can practice more in the home. A final purpose is that tests are good way for teachers to get the feedback with the students’ progress. Examinations happen to be one way to get teachers to learn how much perform students understand the subject and how to help learners to improve more, so instructor can style specific physical exercises for students. To conclude while examinations may incorporate some drawbacks in terms of pressuring students’ health.

I think that they should not be abolished since an assessment are great motivator for students; exhibiting students value, short comings and give teachers feedback of students studies. In my watch, students have to practice even more before evaluation and attend classes promptly to reduce stress from exams.