Assignment – Distributed Computing Essay

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Published: 16.11.2019 | Words: 295 | Views: 586
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The CTO remains to be impressed together with your work. This individual just came back from a technology exposition where he learned about computer clusters. All he knows is they are the growing trend for businesses and he really wants to explore the technology.

Write a five site research essay explaining laptop clustering, rewards, challenges, and potential applications. Essay will need to focus on an example of a clustering application (file server, database, load balancing, web hosting, data processing) and detail the employment potential setup (high availability or fill balancing), type (COTS or blade clusters) and network connectivity. Requirements: Essay ought to be five internet pages of content material presenting an explanation of laptop clustering, rewards, challenges, and potential applications.

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Minimum concepts to cover and explain in the essay happen to be: clusters, large availability, fill balancing, COTS vs . knife clusters, network connectivity intended for computers in a cluster. Newspaper should comply with the APA style and hence will be longer because, of course , you will will include a title page, abstract, desk of items, and a references site in addition to the actual content pages required Written Assignment requirements: Written work should be clear of spelling, grammar, and APA errors. Factors deducted through the grade for every writing, spelling, or sentence structure error have reached your instructor’s discretion.

Job Requirements/ Grading Rubric 1 . Demonstrated college-level communication through the composition of original supplies in Standard American British 2 . Reviewed the concept of groupings and presented well noted explanation several. Examined and explained the application of clusters to provide high availability and load balancing 4. Reviewed computer clustering benefits, challenges, and potential applications five. Demonstrated good understanding of the technologies and provided good arguments and explanations to support assertions and points