Cango Video Analysis Essay

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The speech Liz offered to the Hudson Valley Business Association had not been organized. Recommendations: * Though Liz would not have an idea for CanGo initially she must understand what made the organization successful and excellent that. 5. Liz have to effectively speak her achievement but most importantly communicate just how she ideas to continue her success three or more.

Communication- a. Communication inside the company is very poor and lacks substance. At this point meetings are a stupidity and cash. The end result of meetings is definitely non successful. Recommendations: * Before a meeting is executed an agenda should be created and provided for all participants.

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This kind of also offers the participants the opportunity to think about the future meeting helping prepare thinking ahead of time so the meeting will be more organized and have a circulation to it. 4. Prioritization- a. Computer chip has the lack of ability to prioritize tasks and he is all over the place with his operate Recommendations: * Research the use and purpose of a Gant Chart 5. Ask for several assistance in creating a Gant Chart * Understand how to adjust the chart to circumstances 5. Time Management- c. Currently the associates don’t employ time management and have no regard for every single other’s need to meet deadlines and obtain tasks accomplished.

Recommendations: 5. Set restrictions * Make a busy/not occupied indicator * Utilize the conference calendar and set times to discuss issues the whole day * Pre plan six. Financial Turmoil- d. CanGo is in economic struggle at the moment with a great unbalanced profit and loss. Without a audio financial groundwork much otherwise doesn’t matter. Recommendations: 5. Go over the books and determine in which the financial trouble is * Create an analysis * Go over the potential dangers and accomplishment with a CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) * Make a financial strategy and adhere