Creating a Safe Environment: 2-4 year Olds Essay

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Since an early childhood provider working with 2-4 yr old children We are sure to give a safe, healthful, and suitable indoor and outdoor learning environment in order to their developing characteristics. When preparing my inside learning environment as well as my own outdoor learning environment I can take into consideration each child; the requirements, their expertise, their skills, etc . Intended for my in house learning environment it is extremely essential to make sure that the spot is pleasant for the students as well as the father and mother, I will make sure that the area is usually lit correctly (natural mild and/ or perhaps energy saving bulbs) and full of colors.

The furniture in their classroom will be child sized and intensely sturdy. Kids will also be designated their own cubbies where they are able to place their knapsacks and other belongings (this offers them a touch of independence). There will be distinct sections of the classroom several activities (reading area, drama/pretend play area, group of friends area, music area, and so forth ), not just for play but will grow their social, psychological, physical and cognitive domains.

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I will likewise make sure that the whole classroom can be cleaned on a daily basis and all toys are sanitized. I will also be sure that almost all sockets will be covered with protectors and make sure that there are smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and an evacuation program in the facility, as well as having clear pathways in case of an emergency. In the kitchen region I will ensure that all cupboards so kids will not be in a position to have access to virtually any hazardous materials as well as any kind of foods. Also in the kitchen place I will include a bulletin board attainable to all home staff to list the children in the facility and the allergies (if any).

Inside the restroom We are sure that all toilets and washbasin’s should be the children’s reach so they can be more impartial and for those who are being free of diapers be sure that you will find more than enough and become certain that they may be cleaned (by an adult) after every use. Children will be encouraged to scrub their hands often to reduce the spread of germs to each other. For the outdoor learning environment, I will definitely make sure that the spot is effectively gated; you cannot find any high grass or rubbish around on the floors.

I will also ensure that the children include easy access towards the restrooms, and be sure that there is a first aid set up handy. We definitely will be sure of the kid to teacher ratio; this helps with keeping track of the children, which usually helps reduce the chances of one of them being seriously hurt.

Let me also make certain of the pursuing: Selection of play machines are appropriate for children’s ages, perform equipment is in good condition (e. g. no cracked or rustic parts, absent pieces, splinters, sharp sides, frayed rope, open S hooks, or perhaps protruding bolts), Large pieces of equipment are stable and moored securely inside the ground; coatings are nontoxic and unchanged, Equipment is put sufficiently far apart to allow a smooth circulation of visitors and adequate supervision; a suitable safety zone is presented around tools, and, many different play areas (e. g. grass, cement, and sand) is available; color is provided (Marotz, 2012), just to brand a few. A very important factor that we have to keep in mind as an early childhood company is the romantic relationship between a person’s basic safety, health and diet.

Parents give that their children are well taking good care of each time that they drop these people off within our care; they want to make sure that they can be feed a well-balanced healthy and balanced and nutritional meal, and they are safe from danger, so how is it that some might feel that these three things are not related. In my personal opinion that they work hand in hand and very much so dependent on the other person. Health, protection, and nourishment are very much interrelated.

Wellness is a point out of wellbeing. Complete physical, mental, cultural, and psychological well-being; the standard of one component affects your the various other; safety refers to the manners and practices that protect children and adults from unnecessary harm; and, nutrition refers to the science of meals, its chemicals (nutrients), and the relationship to health and disease. It includes all the processes, through the ingestion and digestion of food to the absorption, vehicles, and usage of nutrients, and lastly the excretion of abandoned end products.

Nutrients are necessary for life and also have a direct effect on the child’s healthy status, tendencies, health, and development (Marotz, 2012). I am unable to help but for agree with these examples given and it is far better to have children practice these things as young as possible. Inside the 2-4 year old age group children really mimic what they see us doing because adults. Thus if we eat healthy and balanced, exercise and practice things like good hand washing, what do you think they are going to do? There are so many age-appropriate learning activities and toys that reinforce the top of health, nutrition, and safety to get the 2-4 year old age bracket.

I have shown a few that really caught my personal attention. This game will be considered a group game, this kind of game teaches the children to recognize their alphabets (upper and lower case) as well as their particular number; this kind of game is named Homemade Notification Bingo, to be sure children study through perform. And notification or number bingo is an excellent place to start. This items essential for this video game are: savings bingo cards: numbers, abece, or numbers and letters, printable mystery caller cards, little objects for markers, just like marshmallows, cereal, pennies, or perhaps M&M’s (Richards, 2014). Another learning age-appropriate activity is Cereal Patterns: Practice patterning the fun wayby playing with the food!

Using a Fruits Loop-type food and yarn, help your preschooler create crunchy, ready-to-eat patterns. The subsequent items required for this learning activity is: Fruit Coils or various other loop-shaped cereal in a variety of colours, small dishes or cups, age-appropriate scissors, yarn or string, and masking tape (Edwards, 2012). Building blocks wonderful toys for the children (whether write off or with letters about them). With building blocks it assists children through this age group (2-4 years old) with their solving problems skills, but what you will find most amazing is exactly what they build out of the blocks. And one other toy that is considered age-appropriate is that of a kitchen collection that will be located in the drama/pretend area.

With this plaything children pretend that they are many chefs working in nice restaurants, that they pretend that they can be a parent preparing food a nice meal for their families and the list goes on and on. But what We find thus amazing with this age-group is that there are limits to their imagination. However , all of us as educators have to continue to encourage your children to use all their imagination, mainly because they not merely learn from all of us, we learn from them.

An excellent location, space, and reliability of a middle or institution is very important, not only to the early child years provider, but to the parents as well. Nowhere can be health and security more important within group applications serving small children. When families enroll children in a software, they anticipate that the professors will safeguard their child’s well-being.

They will assume the facilities, playthings, and equipment will be safe intended for children’s make use of, that professors will carefully supervise all their children’s activities, that the environment is clean, and the food is usually healthy. These kinds of expectations need teachers to be well informed and knowledgeable about how you can create and look after environments that protect and promote children’s health and safety (Marotz, 2012). We have to ensure that there is enough space pertaining to the children to move around inside and outside; it is very good to as well make sure that the facility is usually not in a noisy position where the kids can be easily distracted.

Nevertheless most of all we need to think about the well being of our children, we have to be sure that the building is properly examined so we could protect them and ourselves by potential hazards. As early childhood providers/educators it is the sole responsibility to make sure that your children that we take care of will be given the best education and protection, this includes their particular safety, nourishment and well being. One thing that we live simply by and believe that is that the youngsters are our foreseeable future, so it is each of our duty to mold all of them from youthful.

I choose to do business with the age band of 2-4 season olds since the one thing that amazes me with them is definitely their creativity which increases their capacity to learn. While an educator intended for such small children you have to capable to open enough for them to teach you as well. That stuff seriously Reggio Emilia Approach said it finest children are capable of constructing their particular learning (Isbell & Raines, 2007). Sources: Bradford-Edwards, H. (Sept.

7, 2012). Cereal Patterns. Gathered from, R. To., & Raines, S. C. (2007). Creativity and the artistry with small children.

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