Group Brand Audit Project Essay

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Your group job is to pick a brand from the list of brands(attached) and perform a thorough brand audit. Every single group must study and analyze another type of brand.

Brands will be given on a “first come, first serve” basis. Post the group’s selection of brand and gp quantity on the “questions for Prof/TA” board in order that everyone can see your group’s choice. This way, the other gps device will know which usually brands already are taken on a first come first serve basis. Once your gp posts a Brand decision (that is definitely not previously taken)- it’s yours. The rand name audit research will be based on information coming from public extra sources, firm web sites, along with your own specialist experiences and insights.

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Online surveys or primary research are not required but can certainly be conducted and employed as necessary. The final Powerpoint report should be submitted using the assignment hyperlink on elearning. The length of the rand name Audit survey should be approx. 30-40 ppt slides (ofcourse not including virtually any appendices or perhaps references). Commonly a thorough audit requires 30-40 hours of work which divided among 6th or several gp users usually amounts to an normal of about 5-6 hrs of per pupil.

The following format and guide will help improve the approach and the procedure. A sensitive example exists for you to review on page 132 of the book. This Rolex example is merely that…an example…just a very simple and exact example. We. Brand Inventory A current, thorough profile of how all product or service sold by a company will be marketed and branded.

This is mainly the supply-side view of the company and the company. Should include (but not limited to): History of the brand Identification of all company elements (logos, symbols, characters, packaging, slogans, trademarks). Manufacturer architecture.

Description of attributes of the product/idea/service. Profile of direct and indirect competitive brands (use points of parity and parts of difference). Contain market share and other relevant information and characters. ‘Brand Architecture’ and ‘Hierarchy’ and ‘brand product matrix’ (where applicable). Pricing, earnings and market share of the brand. Distribution channels and policies.

Helping marketing communications/promotional programs. Company personality while reflected by brand components and existing marketing mix. 1 II. Brand Disovery This is usually the greater challenging analysis and conditional component of this kind of assignment.

Real consumer perceptions may or may not echo those meant by the marketing expert. The Brand exploratory is directed at understanding what buyers feel and consider the brand to be able to identify sources of brand fairness. Should include (but not limited to): Client knowledge of the manufacturer (include “Brand Mental Map”). Brand Interactions: awareness, durability, favorability, uniformity and uniqueness of brand associations. Main types of Brand Fairness (possible dangers to Brand Equity) Customer-Based Brand Value Pyramid (CBBE pyramid) Problem areas/inconsistencies of perception vs . market truth.

The size, profile and buying patterns of the most significant customer segments. The interesting depth and breathing of ‘Brand Awareness’. A perceptual map showing the rand name and its primary competitors over the most important company attributes.

3. Conclusion & Recommendations: Ought to include (but certainly not limited to): SWOT analysis. A proposal for a ‘positioning’ statement. Recommendations concerning how you can measure, build and take care of additional Company Equity.

4. Appendix: Supporting/additional Tables, Charts, Graphs, Characters, Photos, etc . V. Sources: List the particular material that you actually make reference to in the statement. Choose from this kind of list of Brands (most of them from Business Week’s 75 Best Global Brands) Post your gp’s choice within the “Ques intended for Prof/TA” panel on a 1st come first provide basis.