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Query 1 . List the three bureaucratic competencies that contain led to your success to date in your work. List your strength and, for each durability listed, figure out how that durability might get you into trouble and what makes it so difficult to be and powerful middle director?

Answer Managerial competencies is identified as sets expertise, skills, behaviors, and perceptions that a supervisor needs to become effective in a wide range of managerial jobs and various company setting. There was six core important particular competencies: the communication, planning and government, teamwork, proper action, modern, and do it yourself competencies. Bureaucratic competencies pays to to me, a present-day manager of business plan and reporting to get Retail Item division in Telekom Malaysia Bhd, also would be beneficial after my personal promotion to Assistant General Manager of Business Financial for Technology and Innovation division of Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

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The expertise will help myself to excel on specified job, boost self-management and communication within organisation unit, better preparing and administration of team-work and more very sensitive about changing of subordinate behaviour and environment encompass them. Three managerial competencies that have led to my success in a task are: Completely, I was offered responsibility to improvise Telekom Malaysia Group Segmental Confirming through substantial accuracy recognition of expense drivers pertaining to Customer Subscriber’s Equipment (CPEs), Revenue Writing Out payment, Leased Routers and Item Licensing.

It will require a new price transfer process between Retail Product to individual Line of Business (LOBs) divisions where involves inter-department cooperation and collaboration to do this goals. Further more, it requires me to build good working marriage with LOBs in order to be successful. I commenced by initiating informal conversation with various partitions such as Technology and Network Infrastructure (ITNT), Service Supervision and Demand Forecast (SPDF), Group Costing, various LOBs and individual product owner within Retail Merchandise to obtain their very own views and resources capacities if the setup takes place.

My spouse and i realized it is not necessarily a straightforward procedure because it takes a lot of efforts to identify allowance drivers to each LOBs portions, limited use of the information and data offered is not really derived from one single place. In order to overcome these issues, together with my own team, we now have established strong collaboration among all categories and contact them from time to time to understand challenges, ways to reduce the difficulties and setting up continue plan and process movement. It takes a whole lot of settlement with respective division particularly in term of cut off time for you to provide the data and entitled of individuals that will be intended for allocation reasons.

Some transactions with info providers will not take extended but generally there few requires continuous settlement until the techniques are fully stable and ready for support. Once a method flow had been completely integrated and utilized by almost all division, Then i started to connect formally using TM Group and ready to start the process to improvise Group Segmental Credit reporting. Meantime, I’ve received a really positive feedback from Group and all sections that this physical exercise really allows them to improvise better success as well.

2 . Planning and Administration expertise Planning and administration expertise involves choosing what responsibilities need to be done, determine how they could be done, allocating resources to be able to be done, after which monitoring improvement to ensure that they may be done. This kind of competency involves: We were when facing a concern from top rated management to execute fully 2011 Essential Performance Crawls (KPI) pertaining to asset tagging achievement by using consideration a complete completion of marking exercise to get assets obtained prior 06\, 2007 2009 and 2010. Almost all assets were classified while routers which many of them been deployed at customer’s premises, lost or perhaps not in working state.

This is among the toughest job to be shipped in 2011 because of in finish information intended for old property, problem to identify lost resources and demand a high support from seller whom recently perform set up at customers’ premises and from other department such as Customer satisfaction Operation (CSOC) team. By October 2011, we are only managed to accomplished 69% out of 1, 821 assets that need to be tag and this situation genuinely give us high pressure since we all running out of some got several more several weeks only to full the remaining of the assets. Even more, it has potential Net Book Value (NBV) impact of RM4.

5 Mil if the activities was not planned and administered effectively. This situation likewise require Full Product Financing team to gather all necessary information by various product, analyzing a result, identify methods to solve a problems in a given time-frame. I took immediate actions by placing strategic prepare with individual assets owner and design and style the most feasible timeframe for anyone to follow. My team acquired table out your proposal to Vice President and Head of Department (HOD) during our weekly managing meeting and action had been taken instantly soon since everyone agreed.

I started to execute a strategy together with my team and assets owner by classifying assets group with potentially not located, not working condition, can be found and available at customer’s premises. Each group of the assets was tackled simply by different sort of approach and we are monitoring a progress from time to time until end in the process. My personal team is going to update the status of assets on weekly basis and statement was created to individual HOD for their immediate interest and action. Any uncertain issues had been brought up and thorough examining was executing for each in the issues.

Meantime, we are as well monitoring the financial impact and ensure advantage retirement and depreciation was performed timely. Our hard work and great effort was worthwhile to get Retail Product where by 12 , 2011 we all managed to obtain 100% asset tagging KPI and have the ability to recognize RM4. 5 Million NBV in a book. a few.

Teamwork competencies A team-work competency is usually accomplishing jobs through little groups of people who find themselves collectively responsible and whose job needs coordination. Teamwork competency can become more effective by: I have noticed that in the past 2 years both Price tag Product and Global have already been using hard to rely on forecast new driver as a system to spend International Band width cost among each other. By using forecast drivers, I have difficulties to persuade LOBs regarding cost that should be taken up by simply Retail business and to uncover the motorists that being used as portion basis to them are proper or certainly not.

I have approached Bandwidth management team and Global Info Management (GDM) team to relook this matter again and find ways to allocate expense at high accuracy and efficiently rather than using outlook as a basis throughout a 12 months. Realized that this implementation needs strong and high commitment team, I’ve approached my team member and have begun to initiate a number of discussions with Costing, GDM, and Band width management crew including merchandise owners. We all also communicated to LOBs and Group Finance to aid us upon our mission to change the driver method. Initially, we have difficulties to convince Global Finance about the important of using appropriate drivers and cost portion since they had been performing similar method for many years already.

They were afraid all of the changes may influence a lot in in their Economical book, need additional duties and assets. In order to defeat this unconformity, in the past couple of months, we have been short about the existence of new program called ABOR resided at network which will able to monitor bandwidth usage up to support offerings and therefore, using this option, we was able to convince Global Finance to begin making adjustments. Further, our management have empowered us to take actions based on the very best judgement with no always in search of approval from them. We were also been promised by simply management the successful with this project will certainly add to our KPI.

Finally, with a wonderful support and commitment, equally RP and Global have found consensus about methodology and approach to deliver cost allowance with better cost drivers’ analysis and everybody seems capable to accept the modern way of performing things. Strong points and challenge to achieve efficient middle administrator Based on the above mentioned 3 expertise, I believe which i possess the next strengths that able to help on personal development and assist an organization towards obtaining strategic aim and targets. a)Relation-oriented and Change-oriented leadership behaviour; b)Value Innovation and alter; and c)Excellence Relationship.

1 ) Relation-oriented and Change-oriented leadership behaviour I really believe that I end up with a relation-oriented behavior especially on providing a support and inspire my team member when conduct difficult task, offering coaching and mentoring, obtaining time to pay attention to my subordinate and willing to take suggestion from subordinates and peers. In change-oriented command, I have proven to management i am capable to understand the need to adapt the change of environment, employing a major difference in strategies and encourage and facilitate initiatives to put into practice major transform.

A challenge to rehearse this power in current middle administrator position is that top managers such as Vp and Exec Vice President may sometime possess difficulties to accept the new strategies and methods of doing items because they are already complacent with current method and not ready to take a risk with the new approach. Therefore, even though my own subordinates possess a high inspiration to perform the new methodologies yet without a solid support and encouragement by simply top managers may sometimes lead to aggravation.

2 . Benefit Innovation and alter I are always motivates my subordinates and peers to seek possibilities for different and innovative methods to address concerns and options in Telekom Malaysia and facilitates the implementation and acknowledgement of transform within the work environment. I was also able to identify and drives improvements needed to conform strategically to changing of management and internal initiatives, catalyzes fresh approaches to improve results simply by changing organizational culture, devices, or products/services.

In other occasion, each year we encountered a problem to justify our Business Plan number with Information Technology and Network Technology (ITNT) unit because there was no specific system being provided by TM supervision that we can easily discuss and agree between each other during Business Plan workout period. The end result is mush worsen each time a project learn to kick off since somehow a part of a project expense neither budgeted at the unit nor ITNT. A lot of staff complaining about this case and something should be done to improve the situation.

After realizing the top of this concerns, together with my superior and peers, we all started to organized proper plan and travel communication with ITNT during 2011 Strategy exercise. I’ve initiated a primary discussion with ITNT team where thorough rationalization exercises have been accomplished several times after that. I have appointed one of my subordinate to compile and execute all information so that equally our device and ITNT can share each other, depth assurance where a cost must be resided was taken in to high concern and the demarcation of job owner was fully determined.

No doubt, even though we have a lot of problems with a couple of product owners who capacity accept this new way of workout due to frustrating and a lot of pressure was putting back to these people, we are continuously persuade them about the key and benefit of the outcome using this newly added exercise. Though Group Financing had provided the platform in a very last minute during BP exercise period, both the unit and ITNT possess a minimal problems and difficulty to bring up since we have rationalized our amount prior to that. At the end of any period, targets have been completely achieved and ultimately have got mutual understanding and co-operate each other with minimum mistakes.

3. Superiority Relationship I have a capability to starts and retains strategic and trusting relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the organization (e. g. TM colleagues, government bodies, regulators, industry players, technology partners, buyers, media, clients and connections partners) to progress business desired goals. My associates were given responsibility to improvise Group Segmental Reporting through identification of proper expense drivers intended for Subscriber’s Gear (CPEs), Earnings Sharing Outpayment, Routers Procurment and Product Licensing. It needs a new price transfer method and my personal team sensed difficulties to implement as a result of complication about obtaining the drivers, too manual and limited resources.

I possess initiated the topic with various parties like GEMS, IT Data Stockroom, Service Organizing and Demand Forecast Unit (SPDF) and Full Product division about likelihood to obtain the drivers and recognize a method to take action. In order to decrease the difficulties between my part of the team, I caused them to determine a methodology to get into the information, form of template to extract the information and creating the deadline to accomplish employment on month to month basis. I discussed with my team about complications to perform this kind of job as well as how to overcome these kinds of incidents.

I actually told my team members that their effort and contribution towards obtaining this goal is very beneficial and helps to improvise TM’s reporting. Were started to establish good romantic relationship with info provider functions such as IT, SPDF and product owners so that the examination can be carried out about monthly basis. My associates successfully put into action the new duties and help to improvise Group Segment Confirming.

We have received a positive feedback from different parties in Group Financial and Profession (LOBs) considering that the cost transfer exercise seriously helps these to establish better profitability Sadly, a great concern that I need to face when ever putting through this concept at work division can be described as reluctant from management to simply accept the changes because every section seems more comfortable to work within their personal division instead of to accept alterations from outsiders.