Cultural Attitudes Toward Prolonging Life Essay

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A 25-year-old woman is declining of tumor. She has asked the “no extreme methods be used to prolong your life. ” She actually is now comatose and can be held alive simply with devices.

How do you decide if her will should be highly regarded? This issue was given in the lecture and the majority of my group responded that they would not go to any intense measures to hold the 25-year-old woman in. The majority of the group reasons were that it was her will of course, if that what she wished then that’s what happens. Another reason my personal group decided to go along with the woman’s will is the fact that that surgical procedures are very expensive.

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One more explanation my group decided to go together with the woman’s can is because she’s suffering from an illness and it would be in her best interest never to have to go through anymore. Even though the majority of the group made a decision no to attend any extremes to prolong her existence, I decided not to give up on lifestyle. I know which it might sound self-centered on my part but a lot more a very unique gift.

My own grandfather was obviously a victim of cancer and he, in spite of all of the struggling he suffered, wanted to stay alive to get as long as he could. This individual wanted to remain a strong influence on how is usually family viewed life. Throughout the radiation remedies and constants visits to doctors he never gave up on his your life.

I can remember him expressing “Baby I’m sick nevertheless I’m in this article with you and it makes the soreness seem a lot more bearable. ” Through this I learned never to give up on life even though it appear to be there is no expect left.