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Before 1754, the French and British got huge masses of land in the us. Also posting the property, was the natives, who were extremely nervous regarding the Englishmen taking away their very own land. This conflict sooner or later led to french and Indian war, also referred to as the Seven Years conflict (1754-1763). The French and American indian war improved the personal, economic, and ideological associations Britain and it’s American colonies in lots of ways where that ultimately resulted in the American Revolution because of the strain that was developed between them. The French and Indian warfare altered the political contact between The uk and it’s American groupe because of so what happened before and after french and Of india war.

Prior to the war, the British had let colonists be is to do whatever they wanted. Yet after the warfare, Britain had gained even more land, since seen in Doctor. A, and salutary neglect ended. This kind of then lifted a argument on colonist’s representation in Parliament.

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To manage the colonists, a British armed service was put in place that they informed everyone was for their own protection from the Local people. The Aveu Line was also executed, which was a imaginary range that segregated the settlers and the Natives(Doc. B). The British noticed this a protection pertaining to the colonists, but it was really just a negative for those saving to buy terrain in new territory.

Having the British troops guard the colonists from your natives started to be expensive, hence the Quartering Act was put into place to make sure that just about every soldier would have a place to stay then, the Preventing Act was enforced to help make the colonist’s purchase the military. This only enraged the colonists more because we were holding forced to property and support the foe that was sent to remove their privileges. All British relations in politics with all the Americans were ruined because of acts set up, causing the colonist’s to want to separate coming from Britain. The French and Indian war eventually slid the British back into a economic recession. They had to find a way to get their money back from the war.

In Britain’s mind, the only logical spot to get the funds was from your American settlers because the cash was theoretically spent on all of them, as observed in Doc. F. But The Uk was not anticipating the aggressive response using their Stamp Action and spending for the war damage. The settlers have never recently been taxed prior to, and they couldn’t understand why that were there to pay without having representation for themselves. The Stamp Act really affected every colonist because they were forced to pay for every day products. The Seal of approval Act Congress sent interests Britain’s federal government to try to convince them of the insanity with the act, nevertheless the government had not been going to alter their mind(Doc.

G). While going up against the Stamp Work, the Colonists mocked the act by simply placing skulls in the place where the stamps on files and words would go(Doc. H). It was clear through the American response that they are not going to give me up and then let the English taxes them with out a clear combat.

Both the colonists and the English both had their different thoughts, which created an even better strain together, reeling inside the American Innovation closer and closer. The ideological relationships between the colonists and the English were undeniably a part of the developing tension after the The french language and Of india war. Prior to war, America was where former Britain settlers travelled, and they nonetheless considered themselves as a part of their particular homeland(Doc.

E), until the Britain government taxed the colonists and not their country as a whole(Doc. F). The settlers changed their very own ideology about staying dedicated to their mom country for this reason and slowly started to move towards rebellion. The Natives also were about with the developing stress between the United kingdom and the colonists. The Local people were solely afraid which the British could take their very own land for farming, and so they thought that the British persons had no right to negotiate there(Doc.

B). And then, after the Proclamation line was present, the armed service had are available in to protect the colonists, however it is tested true the armies were seen as foam (Doc. D). The American colonists just wanted equality and liberty in the British empire, nonetheless it was apparent that they weren’t going to get that because of the British fees and not letting further deciding in the other regions of the American land. Both these contributions generated the colonists wanting to be successful from the British empire.

The French and Indian war changed the political, financial, and the ideological relations among Britain and it’s American colonies due to developing stress that eventually led to the American Revolution.