Edward Albee’s “The Sandbox” Essay

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The shortcoming of people to communicate and loss of personal values can result in dramatic results. Edward Albee’s play “The Sandbox” is definitely an example of modern day American theatre in which this individual demonstrates inappropriate relations within a middle class family, criticizing modern society’s decay.

Inside the story we come across the dialogue between loved ones, a spouse and his wife, who are awaiting the death of her mother. As the names of character types suggest (Mommy, Daddy, Grandma), the actions takes place in the family unit. Notice that the names of heroes are generic.

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In doing this, mcdougal is trying to demonstrate that it can be any members of the family. The story shows their frosty relations with and disrespect for their aged grandmother. We see the money above the family values, so much in common with American society today. The story demonstrates the reality with the contemporary American family. This is often a common circumstance today: your children bring their old mother from her country farm building to their big beautiful home in the town.

They do it does not for her satisfaction, but for their particular convenience. They will care none for what the lady thinks, neither her interests or principles. Money is the central thing to them. They presume she will not understand points very well anymore because she is old, and old-fashioned. Actually she understands more than any person can imagine.

Finally, when the children tire of her, they take her into a nursing house, where your woman can wait for a end alone. In the tale “The Sandbox”, the author the judgment about the younger generation’s attitude towards older generation. The primary theme of the storyplot is the inability of people to communicate with each other, the emptiness of recent family your life, and the meaninglessness of modern existence. The main personas play an important role in supporting the theme. Even as we see through the entire story, Mommy and Dad are ignorant people.

Mommy is domineering and inappropriate, while Dad is passive and emasculated. He truly does what states, followed by “Whatever you say, Mommy. ” She reveals no esteem towards any individual, including her mother and husband. We notice the moment Mommy and Daddy speak to one another, there is no warm and genuine relationship together; she just married him for the money. They treat Grandmother with politeness, yet at the same time with merciless detachment.

That they talk about her, but barely to her. Mommy reveals zero emotional attachment to her own mom. Daddy by least worries that Grandma is not comfortable, but Mommy shuts him up. The emotion of interest they display is more hypocritical than honest. On the other hand, Grandma is honest and even child-like, making her character amazing.

All the same she is sharp-tongued and shrewd. This kind of only increases the complexity of her individuality. From the beginning of the play, we see that the plan of the story is evident, due to the way Mommy and Daddy discuss Grandma, and exactly how they deal with her. On the other hand there is no crystal clear climax or resolution to the story. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma happen to be symbols of poor associations in the contemporary family device.

Mommy, Daddy and stand for the future generation, while Grandma is an icon in the past. She tries to go with and relate to the fashion from the new technology but by her era, she no more commands the social weight. The new era (Mommy and Daddy) do not want to accept her principles and do not desire her to be involved in their lives. The Young Man can be presented inside the story since the Angel of Death.

He symbolizes today’s personal values, relish and insufficient culture from the new technology. When he kisses Grandma, it symbolizes the fact that end is definitely near. Once she passes away, she is going to consider her beliefs and practices to the serious. The bareness of the level suggests the society by which we live today. Once Grandma buries herself using the pail and shovel, the girl represent among the millions of people with values and traditions, who may be tired of living in a contemporary society that is therefore empty of thoughts.

When the lady dies, it represents the passing associated with an age, one in which value and work were significant. Mommy and Daddy signify the decadent way of life that replaces that. In this perform, Albee attempts to show the actuality of today’s society, having its lack of empathy for individuals, regardless of age and the decrease of culture and traditions that support it.