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People use Facebook . com for many causes; some of them contemplate it the vehicle to communicate with their very own friends, which includes old good friends or current friends; some agree which it also helps all of them relax when stressful; others, on the other hand, may argue that Facebook . com brings disruptions to them (Facebook 101). For instance, my good friend, a quite person, would not socialize with people in the two real life and the Internet community. However , following knowing Facebook in a short while of time, he became hooked on it.

This individual used the majority of his a chance to chat with good friends, to play game titles, and to look at his Facebook profile. Now, his friends list comes up to 300 and he daily logs on Facebook by 3 to 4 several hours a day. With any luck , this exploration of our group will help college students get better understanding of the role of Fb in students’ lives. Moreover, not only students in general nevertheless also people of all ages is going to gain their very own cognitive with the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. The research will advantage reader to determine whether Facebook or myspace is good or perhaps bad for person.

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Furthermore, in the event people use it as a behavior or need to check of how frequently they use it, that they could apply this analysis as a crucial source to figure out whether they happen to be addicted to Facebook or myspace or not, or where they are inside the rank. Furthermore, we targeted on BHCC’s college student, so we finally chose to visit the BHCC’s selection or started with our various other classmates to obtain the results. Furthermore, we presented our team people spent per week conducting the survey to make sure that they can do the task thoroughly. Especially, we already created Fb group be the cause of our members to share, to debate, and discuss and make sure we were on the right course.

Surprisingly, the results came out our delight: BHCC’s pupils were eager and happy to help all of us when asked to fill in with Facebook . com questions. However , very few amounts of participants response our survey quickly and unready, so we already dismiss those minorities. Data Results and Examination: Our group had a total of 162 surveys, that have been added simply by all of our group members. Within our last problem we requesting people about What might you rather explain Facebook while? , and the result would not surprise all of us, we already knew that as a great assumption.

More than half of our individuals 118 away of 162 or 73 percent of total result consented that Facebook as a useful communication too. A lot of them added that they can used Facebook to get in touch with friends and families, to talk about pictures, video tutorials, status and information, as well as to kill period if fed up; therefore , the majority of them choose to choose its very good side while an answer. The very last 27 percent, 44 of 162, select a strong distraction as the result (Figure 1). This is why on the graph (Figure 2), it can make clear why three-fourth of our individuals prefers Facebook as useful gizmo (Figure 1).

There are so many ways to use Facebook or myspace that suite with people interests. The majority of individuals use Facebook to check mail, to talk, to connect, and to upgrade friends’ information as 97 of 497 (19%), eighty of 497 (16%), 75 of 497 (15%), and 62 of 497 (13%) respectively. Besides that, 4% users also log in Facebook for playing games/quizzes, and 9% make use of it for relaxing when bored.

It is interesting there are a small number of members eleven students, approximately 2% altogether select Facebook as a studying instrument. As we talk about above, Facebook or myspace is also distractive at work and school, as well as the statistic currently proved this kind of. 56 percentages a little bit above half the percentages access to Fb at home, twenty one percentages and 4 proportions do that at work and institution.

The rest 19 percentages access by cellular phones; even though do not know wherever they use all of them, we indicate they are not really properly make use of them at home. (Figure 3) Based on the results from study, we divided this club chart into two groups: addicted group and non-addicted group. The first group includes a large number of times/day, much more than 2 hours/day, 1-2 hours/day, and approximately for five hours/week. The other is 1-2 hours/week and less than an hour/week. Both groups have nearly equivalent balance about 50 percent each; therefore , we could have more trustful information in fact it is not bias. (Figure 4) After all, we conclude BHCC’s students are certainly not really hooked on Facebook or myspace.

They bring about equally in both studying/working and relaxing on Facebook. We acknowledge that Facebook right now is among the most popular utilization in the world and it is on the way developing up, but it continue to cannot replace other multimedia system communications just like phones generally speaking, instant messengers, and in immediate with person. In the determine 5, Facebook or myspace occupies the tiniest percentage in the pie graph with 17%. The next two common means of communicating with friends are using immediate messengers like Yahoo, PURPOSE, MSN, or perhaps Skype (19%), and socializing with friend face to face (18%).

Absolutely, instant messengers and in person have got theirs advantages in conversation because we are able to listen and talk concurrently, or even you observe our partner faces by simply webcams. The greatest percentage is usually using cell phones which are 46%. They are even now the most familiar way to exchange all the time by talking and text messaging. We assume that because of its insufficient live features like all those above, Fb still cannot be a substitution in personal life.

Physique 6 and figure several show us How many close friends are there in participant friend’s list? , and With how many out of your Facebook good friends do you often communicate? People tent to protect their particular privacies by having fewer friends than ever on Facebook, 53 percentages and 35 proportions are chosen to have below 100 friends and by 100 to 200 good friends in friends’ list (Figure 6). In there, 25% and 50% is considered the most common list to contact with friends upon friends’ list, approximately 52 percentages. The next best option is less than 25% with 31 percentages (Figure 7).

Our results in the survey proved that folks do not really want to socialize usually on Fb; they only require Facebook to unwind, not the location for them to set their personal information. In the next graph will show just how Facebook users think of privateness when using that. (Figure 8) More than half of our respondents tend not to want to include unknown persons as good friends, about 70% (Figure 8). This could be described, if they add all of them as good friends, they do not exposure to them about Facebook, in respect to figure several.

Generally speaking, people do not want to express themselves on social networking. Conclusion: A result of doing this review gives us better interpretation of how a social network may affect on people lifestyle. Especially BHCC’s students, they adopt and love Facebook’s features, but they could nonetheless control their very own time investing in it. Consequently , most of the students consider Fb a beneficial tool to socialize with others. Although Facebook is useful for students to communicate with others and generate their cultural life more content, sometimes, Facebook . com appears to be a distraction for their study and life.

Applying Facebook an excessive amount of can make student exhausted and in addition affect their particular health desperately. In addition , it is necessary to realize that Facebook is merely an online device, and it cannot substitute human being’s activities. Pupils should spend their period spending on learning, socializing, and using Facebook or myspace effectively, so that they can balance their particular real life and their online existence to avoid getting distracted simply by any network.