Fast Food, Fat Food Essay

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Currently, fast food is an extremely popular trend in Thailand. Teenagers think it is incredibly smart whenever they go into the fast food restaurant, specifically, the restaurant which is a element of foreign franchise restaurants.

Not simply teenagers that like take out but likewise children and adults. Inside the busy schedule of modern times people have no time to get ready nutritious food during the day and so fast food turns into a very practical choice. However , there are several health concerns related to eating fast food; a single serious matter is the connection between junk food and obesity. Because of the growth of fast food restaurants, you can see them located anywhere in daily life.

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For instance , on the 1st floor of MBK Hub, there are numerous take out restaurants, including KFC, McDonald’s and White castle situated close by each other. However , at lunchtime, you cannot find any car seats if you appear late. In the same way, at Chulalongkorn University you will find more than your five branches of 7-eleven, the industry shop where one can buy take out such as casse-cro?te, hot dogs, and hamburgers. You would think that there are not many people presently there. Although there are numerous branches, pupils also have to wait in a long queue.

This can demonstrate how popular fast food is usually. Fast food is very popular not only in Asia but likewise all over the world. The info from Wikipedia showed that Burger Ruler has more than 11, 75 restaurants in more than sixty five countries, Pizza Hut is found in 97 countries with 75 branches in China, KFC is located in 25 countries and McDonald’s is located in 120 countries on 6th continents and operates more than 31, 1000 restaurants throughout the world. Although fast food is very popular, it is not great for health mainly because fast food is often high in carbs, fat and sodium.

Common menu items at junk food restaurants happen to be fried rooster, French fries, warm dogs and ice cream. All are made of risky ingredients such as low quality breads, high excess fat meat and salt. The fast food breads is made from sophisticated grains that have been modified using their natural composition, so a fraction of the nutrition in grain are taken off, remaining only excessive starchy.

Next component is the large fat meat which can trigger several health issues. Fat by animal options is over loaded fat that increased unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) levels resulting in adverse negative effects on the wellness of person’s heart (The Importance of Daily fat and Cholesterol). The last harmful ingredient is the thing that produces fast food contains a delicious taste; it is sodium or sodium chloride. Researchers from the Medical Advisory Panel on Nourishment recommend only 4 grams of salt per day mainly because overconsumption of salt will cause high blood pressure and obesity (qtd. in Salt).

In fact , based on the CASH study, a Lasagna Hut meals deal, which in turn consisted of a Cheesy Attacks Meat Feast, a medium Super Best, a portion of garlic breads, a portion of potato wedges, chicken wings, and a cheesecake treat shared evenly between several, could have 12. three or more grams of salt per person (qtd. n Fast food salt levels shocking). People are more and more being warned against the ill effects of take out and the potential damage that they pose to human health (Manohar). Various publications come up with health problems from fast food just like nutrition insufficiencies, increased lipid disorders levels and diabetes.

Yet , the most concern is obesity because this can easily link to a number of other dangerous health issues. One reason that take out can cause overweight is because of it is high calories. In one day time, men require about two, 700 calorie consumption and women will need about a couple of, 000 calories from fat but you can acquire excess unhealthy calories from only 1 meal with fast food. For instance , a KFC meal arranged includes APPLEBEES famous Dishes (Rice and Gravy), a breast of fried rooster, a box of Fries and a 32-oz Swig of Soft drink.

You can gain 790 calories in the bowl, 370 calories from your chicken, five-hundred calories via French fries and 425 calories from fat from Soft drink, so out there you will have regarding 2, 085 calories (KFC Nutrition Guide). As a consequence in the warning in several publications, the danger of fast food is well known. However , regardless of people know how it is linked to many medical problems, it is also the popular choice.

We all cannot avoid fast food entirely in our day-to-day life taking into consideration its taste, convenience and instant delivery. Fast food suits our everyday lifestyle, however as we know, some everything is often good although overexposure to that particular little bit is disastrous more often than not. Take out is not an exception for this.