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Health Care Information Devices Terms Define the following terms.

Your meanings must be in your words; tend not to copy them from the textbook. After you define each term, describe in 40 to 60 terms the health attention setting in which each term would be utilized. Include by least two research sources to support the position—one from your University Catalogue and the additional from the textbook.

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Cite where you got the information in the References section according to APA recommendations. |Term |Definition |How It truly is Used in Medical care | |Health Insurance Portability and |This is a national law that was handed in |HIPAA is used in Health care which keeps | |Accountability Act |1996 that will guard the continuousness |patient details private and secure. | | |of health coverage if a patient improvements |HIPPA makes sure that all affected person health | | |or loses their job which can limit the |information has been stored in a secure | | |health plan exeptions for preexisting |location and later authorized personnel should | | |medical conditions that want the patient|be able to access this information. If this| | |medical info to be retained private and |information is definitely not shielded the health | | |secure. |care business can face fines and | | | |penalties (Wager, Shelter, Glaser, & Burns, | | | |2009).

This kind of term will be applied to the | | | |whole health care facility. | |Electronic medical record |Is an electronic record of a patient’s |The digital medical record will be used | | |health related info which can be |in the health attention setting every single | | |created, collected, and been able by |time the patient appointments the health treatment | | |authorized physicians and personnel within the |organization. This is how suppliers are | | |health care corporation. |able to keep up with the services and | | | |procedures that patients receive every time| | | |they are seen by a provider.

This kind of term will| | | |be applied I payment and code and | | | |departments and medical data that| | | |may need to check patient status or | | | |allergies. | |Electronic well being record |Is an electronic record of health-related |The electric health record is a record | | |information by using an individual that conforms |that is visible at multiple health care | | |to nationally acknowledged health information|facilities at one time. Once this | | |standards and that can become created, managed, |information can be sent to several providers | | |and revised by authorized personnel in more |it is protected in the event someone that | | |than one location. |is not approved has access to it they | | | |will not get individual information that | | | |should be non-public. | |Personal health record |Is an electric record of health related |Personal health record is the health record| | |information on a patient.

This information |of the patient that this patient provides | | |can originate from different services that |control over. The sufferer can get health | | |the sufferer may have been seen at. Plus the |information from different services and | | |information can be managed, shared, and |share these details as they see fit. The| | |controlled by patient. |personal health record may incorporate some health| | | |information that the affected person may feel the | | | |new provider does not need to see as a way | | | |to treat these people.

This will end up being for the patient| | | |to disclose while using provider and after that the | | | |provider may possibly add this info to the | | | |patients graph. | |Computerized provider order entry program |Is something that allows users to |This computerized provider entry program | | |electronically create orders, maintain the |lets providers monitor the patient’s | | |online medication operations record, |medication distribution. Companies and | | |and go over alterations made to a great order simply by |authorized personnel are able to write | | |authorized workers. |prescriptions pertaining to patients and track | | | |previous prescription medications. Providers will be | | | |able to see the length of time it’s been since they | | | |filled a prescription for a patient.

This | | | |will be used at the medical care | | | |organization. | |Unique patient designation |Is a system that uses information including |The one of a kind patient designation lets | | |the patient’s time of delivery to create a |provider’s look at individual health care | | |unique code that is certainly reported instead of the|information and not having to use patient | | |patient’s identity. |personal details to identify them. This| | | |helps the organization live in compliance | | | |since relating to HIPAA all affected person | | | |information must be protect and retained | | | |private.

This will be applied any place in the| | | |health proper care organization in which a patient’s | | | |chart should pulled or looked up. | |Protected information about health |Is any identifiable information about health. |Protected information about health is the | | |Individually identifiable health |patient’s private information such as date| | |information is that that can be linked to |of birth ssn and even | | |a particular person just like date of birth, |their address where they reside. This | | |address, and social security number. |information must be in a safeguarded | | | |location at all times.

The data entry | | | |person will have access to this kind of information| | | |as well since the billers and programmers in a | | | |health care firm. | |Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services |Is a federal agency within the United |The Centers for Treatment and Medicaid | | |States Department of Health and Human |Services set the pace about how and what other| | |Services that administers the Medicare |insurance companies will be expected to | | |program and operate Medicaid. |cover depending on the patients plan. This | | | |will be used all over the health care | | | |facility to make sure everyone is usually in| | | |compliance with state and federal laws. | |Covered organizations |Is three specific organizations including health |With protected entities this will likely apply to | | |plans, health care, clearinghouses, and |anyone who is official to access individual | | |health care providers that transmit health |information and is also sharing affected person health | | |information electronically. |with other get-togethers inside and outside of | | | |the medical organization.

Can be | | | |information is used inappropriately the | | | |health attention organization will probably be | | | |responsible and could face penalties and | | | |fines. | |Health information exchange |Is the sharing electronic digital health|Health details exchange could happen when| | |information between health care |two health care companies or facilities| | |organizations. When showing this |need to share details about a patient | | |information staff will need to make sure that they are|(Morrisey, 2011).

Depending on how the | | |sharing in a way that will safeguard the |information is sent it must be encrypted so| | |confidentiality and privacy of the patient. |hackers are able to recognize the | | | |information getting transferred. | | | | | | | | | References Morrisey, J. (2011). Health Information Exchange. Retrieved by 812 Wager, T., Lee, Farrenheit. W., Glaser, J. P., & Melts away, L. R. (2009). Medical Information Devices.

A Practical Way for healthcare Management (2nd ed. ). Retrieved via.