Introduction to Supply Chain Management Essay

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1 ) According to the text message, key materials for expanding successful source partnerships incorporate all of the next EXCEPT: a. Personal interactions b. Individualized objectives c. Mutual benefits and needs g. Performance metrics 2 . The combination of the purchase price of a very good and additional costs incurred before or after merchandise delivery could be referred to as: a. Total cost of acquisition b. Total cost of ownership c. Purchase requisition cost d. Total procurement cost 3. Benefits of putting into action an effective provider certification software include any the following EXCEPT: a. Building long-term relationships b. Lowering time used on incoming inspections c. Raising supplier foundation d. Realizing excellence 5. A company utilizing a weighted-criteria evaluation system has established these your five categories and the appropriate excess weight in parentheses: Quality (0.

30) Responsiveness (0. 20) Delivery (0. 20) Price (0. 20) Technology (0. 10) Company X received the following scores in all the five groups: Quality(90), Responsiveness(80), Delivery(80), Cost(90), Technology(90).

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What is their total score? a. 87. zero b. eighty-five. 5 c. 86. 0 d. 84. 0 a few. SRM computer software should be competent of: a. Automating transactional processes m. Making data flow between partners more visible c. Integration from the supply cycle making it possible to screen multiple departments and processes both inside and outwardly