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Respond to the following prompts in total sentences. 1 ) What position did Enlightenment ideas be in the development of the United States?

Give for least two examples to back up your solution. The cosmetic uses philosophers ideas throughout the Enlightenment age. Jefferson shaped the country by solidifying the ideas of natural privileges in term of government and religion. Locke was asserting that government had to be good and equitable in order to be eco friendly.

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2 . How are the tips of the Magna Carta apparent in your founding papers of the ALL OF US? The Magna Carta arranged a precedent for the thought of a limited central governing body. It said that the full doesn’t have unlimited power and he needed the approval of those this individual govern. several. Briefly explain the roles of the legal, executive, and judicial twigs and how the power of the government is definitely separated one of them. Legislative generate laws Exec enforces the law and contencioso interpret what the law states.

4. In the opinion, does the government job the way it should? Is electrical power shared similarly or truly does one branch control much more than its reveal? Be sure to support your answers with particulars and cases. The original want to having three branches is usually to be able balance them away but I think that the judicial branch has become claiming more power. Courts producing decisions that overturn laws and regulations that have been fixed into law even when there is no Constitutional basis for this action.

5. Give one sort of how you will be affected on a daily basis by each of the following: your city/county federal government, your state govt, the federal government. Everyday I live I have to the actual law. So it affects me personally everyday even for very little things like following a speed limit and to not really littering.

Although we have law people are constantly breaking all of them but the rules always wins and the obtain their consequences.