My first trip to amsterdam

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What comes to your head when you think about Amsterdam? Allow me to guess get together, red mild district and coffee shops, right?

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All of us visit us in the Holland every 8 weeks. In the past i was coming at least monthly. Even though I have spent a lot time here I simply knew Amsterdam as a get together city. We might arrive there around 10 PM and leave the location right after the party.

Last weekend we were conference our Slovak friend who also came back through the US to Europe following six years. We didnt see him from the time he still left and we had been very excited to finally spend some time together. This individual decided to go on to Amsterdam thus we visited him right now there. This was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the city a little better and discover what it can give!

Today Let me show you this kind of party town in a different light!

Amsterdam is a very green city. There are many big theme parks with people running, biking, playing with their kids or maybe sitting and enjoying the atmosphere. It was a great sun-drenched day thus we chose a walk in Beatrixpark.

Beatrixpark is among the oldest modern day parks in Amsterdam. It truly is located in the south from the city and it was opened up in 38. I was shocked by it is size. Actually it is allowed to be one of the smaller parks so I didnt expect it to be and so big. Their hidden behind the new supervision buildings and i also can only speculate the size of various other parks if perhaps this one is considered small.

There are various areas of the park. This area is referred to as ereplateu. Their where the earning plants via Floriade event in 1972 had been placed. The trees are extremely big and supply refreshing shade during sizzling days. For individuals who want to sunbathe and get some tan there is a big area at the rear of the trees used for this kind of purpose.

While we were walking around the park I possess spotted this kind of tree with yellow plants. Its a pity there was clearly no signal showing its name.

There are several statues in the park. This one is my favorite. It is called Playing dog and it was designed by Elena Wisse-Engelsen.

Should you dont just like sitting on the ground you can take a seat on a single of many benches placed in the park. My spouse and i only found people resting on the ground and so i guess this can be a preferred alternative.

All of us dont have much time now because we’ve assured my in-laws to be back again for dinner thus we have to leave this green spot if we like to see a little bit of the city too.

In the direction of the car all of us passed this bridge with very nice flower decoration.

We were waiting for a few minutes to get the best shot because there were numerous boats transferring by. Towards the end I managed to take a taken with 1 boat hidden behind the flowers?

Water, bikes, boats this is Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is known for its pathways (grachten). As a whole there are much more than 100 km of canals in the city. 3 main pathways form kind of concentric devices around the town, known as the Grachtengordel. You can see it on the map too. These kinds of three canals are Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. We were holding created in the 17th century during the Nederlander Golden Era.

Each of the houses that you can see listed below have a hook attached above the home window on the top floors. These hooks were used to get the deals from boats in the past.

On the way to the grachtengordel you will observe many other waterways. This one is known as Nieuwe Prinsengracht.

Various people choose to live on the river and this is why you will find a lot of houseboats around. They will vary from very simple old houseboats to new and trendy rentals on the water.

You cant avoid water in Amsterdam. Its actually everywhere. It had been a rather calm day around the streets from the city but it was not quiet boating. There were several boats with tourists cruising around.

This summer can be exceptionally warm in the Netherlands. For a few several weeks already the temperature will go easily approximately 30 degrees which is extremely unusual. The summertime here is generally milder with additional rain and wind therefore nowadays you dont only see travelers enjoying motorboat rides yet also people on the smaller sized boats.

There are many tiny narrow residences in the metropolis center simply because there was certainly not too much space for properties. But this house got me! You will see how small it is should you compare it with the bike parked facing it. Perhaps now it is utilized as a part of the house next door but also in the past it was used like a standard house as there was a door that is right now walled up.

Now we are coming to the heart of Amsterdam small waterways, old links, old bicycles, boats and narrow residences.

Look at the boat targeted traffic! I imagine you still appreciate being on the water when there are so many other motorboats around.