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Habits, Millennial Generation

The millennial technology shows superb restlessness when it comes to traveling and discovering fresh places. Actually the vast majority of young adults between eighteen and three decades old include traveled at least one time. In addition , a characteristic that defines this kind of group is the ability to become constantly linked, as they search and learn around the Internet. Many of them rely on their very own smartphone to obtain information within their daily lives. A third characteristic that determines them is definitely their interest in discovering diverse enclaves and experiences during travel, they are always looking for exceptional alternatives.

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Problem Affirmation

Hotels had been benefiting favorably from this new generation and the desire to travelling for many years. The condition has recently came out: competition. Staying in a lodge is no longer the only option that travelers possess when they go to a new internet site, now there is likewise Airbnb, an online site where millions of owners of homes or rentals can rent their houses at a lower price, offering travellers that stay at all their places much more than a spot to sleep.

Research Queries

The objective of this kind of research is to know the technology of millennials, their vacationing habits, and their accommodation options. The following concerns will be the types to guide this kind of research:

  • Exactly what millennials? That is considered a millennial?
  • What is millennials’ highly recommended: staying at Airbnb’s apartments or perhaps hotels?
  • Exactly what are the reasons for this first choice?
  • Review of Literature


    In order to gather and review research and data regarding the millennial era, their journeying habits, lodging choices, and effect on accommodations, I have viewed many different resources. Articles, magazines, research studies, catalogs, and internet sites have been my own main sources, all identified through the search engine Google College student.

    The real key words and phrases that I found helpful during this research are the following: millennial era, millennial touring habits, Airbnb and its influence on hotels, journeying culture, lodging search engines.

    I have been able to find information on this new generation and their preferences when traveling, as well as a better understanding of the company Airbnb plus the competition they have with hotels all over the world.

    The Millennial Generation

    Research done by Long term Corporation entrusted by Expedia. com analyzes the behavior with this peculiar group, its impacts when choosing a trip, as well as their preferences and their fears. The work reflects the opinion of any thousand the younger generation from eight countries from the five areas.

    One of the many conclusions with the study reephasizes the idea that millennials are passionate about travel (Morrison, 2016). They are individuals raised in a world where technology and, by extension, the net and internet sites have position the world by their ft, and the desire for exploring it has made all of them demanding travelers.

    During travel, they move the collaborative economy, select what is perfect for them. But especially the particular them unique is that they have discovered to absorb the concept of low cost as a sort of travel. The determining aspect when determining the booking is the selling price. They do not have got as many economical resources as the previous era, but they need the world, yes, for less money.

    One of the things that millennials value one of the most when traveling is the hospitality from the people of the host to destination, trips and trips, and accommodation. They also value, although to a lesser magnitude, the feeling of security, which the destination can be comfortable to check out, that it provides good general public transport, cultural diversity and tourist info centers, and a wide gastronomic and amusement offer (Garikapati et approach., 2016)

    Vacationing and New Technologies

    ICTs (information and communication technologies) are element of their way of life. They are digital natives and the world has always been surrounded by new technologies. They may have not had to adapt (such previous generations). For them, almost everything technological is definitely natural.

    Millennials have grown up in a new where the stream of information can be constant, a world in which vacation photos that they see on Facebook, Tweets and Instagram, contacts and influencers determine their following destination. Millennials are also well guided by the evaluations that their very own possible places have. According to a examine done for the Travel and leisure Management mag, online testimonials written by additional travelers are very useful for long term travelers when choosing their following travel vacation spot as well as a accommodations (Ayeh ou al., 2013)

    Going to a travel agency and letting them strategy everything because of their trip is not a thing millennials get pleasure from. They want to sit with the computer and investigate. Millennials are experts in finding provides, while arranging their visits based on the actual see about social networks and specialized websites (Mackay ou al., 2012). In the same way, the accommodation booking also occurs through the Internet. Now there are many pages that compare rates of different places to stay, making it better to search for the best place to stay.

    Airbnb and its Impact on Resorts

    The Airbnb company has become a benchmark intended for travel and stay for the millennial generation. Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnbs chief promoting officer, feedback in an interview for a Publication that Airbnbs strategy is based on the insight that millennials travelers look for different ways going very different from their parents. They want different, neighborhood experiences. They will prefer to stay in neighborhoods, in the Center, in houses. They wish to go out and still have fun with all the locals, consume where that they eat” (Beer, 2017). This is why more and more millennials are choosing to remain at Airbnb places instead of hotels: it has more to supply.

    Peer-to-peer platforms just like Airbnb, Above all, and Lyft are very popular amongst this kind of generation, many studies have shown just how these systems have grown speedily because of their technologic innovations and flexibility (Byers ainsi que al., 2013). Being able to discover everything they want when it comes to obtaining an accommodation on-line is a very appealing feature to get millennials, and Airbnb is the perfect place for them to research for a place to stay.


    Millennials are a technology of young people eager to travelling and discover the world, but in their particular way. They may be creating a new way of traveling, thanks to all their knowledge in the new communication technologies and the interest in different and unique when they travel. More and more millennials prefer Airbnb before accommodations, Airbnb has effects on the motel business, plus the more users of the program are satisfied with their knowledge, the demand to get hotel rooms is more likely to decrease.