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All around town people have been talking about the new Mexican restaurant, Un Fogon (The Stove), by the movie theatre for the Interstate Parkway in Green, OH. Folks are excited to have got a new cafe and are troubled to try it. But take my advice and don’t waste your time and efforts on visiting this joint unless you like greasy and grimy foodstuff. El Fogon has an extraordinarily clean eating area and a deceivingly inviting and personal atmosphere, none of this matches with the personnel in the least little. Although the employees act and dress conservatively, we anxiously waited for the orders that must be taken for more than quarter-hour.

The menu was laid out nicely to make it easy to understand what foodstuff they offer in the restaurant. The print on the menu was small but I personally acquired no problem browsing it. Every item on the menu went from four dollars to eight dollars. The food I was dished up was not fresh and the business presentation was bad.

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I bought the palabrota salad but it looked like some thing my several year old young sister would make out of mud. My good friend, Shannon, often orders quesadillas when going out to eat. She didn’t just like the quesadillas whatsoever; she defined them as being greasy and had suspicions that the cooks got cooked her food in old frying oil.

The two of us ordered both dollar tacos, which were offered with your range of chicken or perhaps steak over a palm full of member of the lettuce family on a prepackaged shell. We were holding very unsatisfactory and nor of us completed them; they were dry and tasteless. On the positive notice, the servings were incredibly large to get the prices listed on the menu. I’ve visited Este Fogon once prior to my previous visit.

I had bought the taco salad during my first visit; it was provided very nicely and tasted so good which i had completed my complete plate, departing nothing in back of. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. The lady seemed to love working and greeted us right away.

Our waiter during our second visit appeared to have had a thing better to carry out for the entire check out at the cafe and only contacted us once we called him over to the table. Having been hard to know, much just like many of the other employees plus the restaurant, having a deep Philippine accent. Once or twice we had to request our oceans to be re-filled, if this individual heard us he came right over to our desk, but many occasions he only walked apart. He didn’t seem also happy to be at work and appeared to include something else on his mind.

He did not add to my experience in any way. Above the bathroom door scans, Ba? u meaning bathroom and over a kitchen says Cocina meaning kitchen, there exists a lot of incredibly strongly Mexican influenced art work throughout the restaurant that I thought added to my experience. Mexican restaurants should provide their very own customer with an experience that is certainly relative to the origins of whichever Spanish speaking country it is structured from and El Fogon did an excellent job.

There were a large bar in the cafe that was completely bare and made it very easy to see into the kitchen behind it. The kitchen looked incredibly clean and structured. The cafe is very huge and offers too many tables for the amount of customers at any time. The bathrooms were extremely clean and large.

The door towards the women’s rest room reads ni? as that means girls or perhaps women, and the men’s rest room door says ni? operating system meaning kids or males. Ginny R. from Green, OH, provides praised the restaurant to get the quality of it is food, section sizes and low-priced menu. I do acknowledge that the servings are huge and the menu is extremely affordable, but the top quality of the food served for El Fogon is so inexpensive and bland that it is not really worth 1 / 2 the price the fact that menu statements for it. “Great food to get a reasonable price”, claims Aaron H. via North Emplazamiento, OH.

Everything is good on the El Fogon menu is a cheese spices that you can order for the chips, but even the chips are junk, bland, and tasteless and never to mention underneath salted. One more Mexican cafe in the area, Ponchos, offers great food. The prices are a small bit more expensive but the atmosphere and assistance always leaves me returning wanting more.

Even though Ponchos is not an authentic Philippine restaurant the foodstuff is still much better than at Este Fogon. Who owns this establishment must have not done their very own homework once picking this website for their restaurant. Although it is definitely close to the local cinema theatre, and you want a busy out turn of clients into Este Fogon, the exact opposite takes place. The cafe is almost often empty.

Eating places in this same location have never lasted more than 6 months with out going out of business due to insufficient customers. Sadly I see similar outcome pertaining to El Fogon as well. Following an hour trip to El Fogon, I kept unsatisfied, starving, and packed with displeasure.

Although El Fogon is not really worth a vacation or the money, it was surely an experience regardless how bad it had been.