Operations Management Problem Exercises Essay

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McBurger’s fast-food restaurant has a drive-through window having a single storage space who takes orders by an intercom system and also is a cashier. The window operator is assisted by different employees who also prepare the orders.

Consumers arrive at the ordering train station prior to the drive-through window just about every 3. 6th minutes (exponentially distributed) as well as the service time is 2 . 4 mins (exponentially distributed). Determine the typical length of the waiting line and the waiting time. Discuss the product quality implications of the results. In case you decide the fact that quality in the service could be improved, reveal what things might do to improve top quality. 6. 5 Patricia Zell, a dollmaker via Olney, Baltimore, is interested in the mass marketing and creation of a hard doll of her individual design named Tiny Trisha.

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The initial expense required for grow and machines are estimated in $25, 1000. Labor and material costs are about $10 per doll. In the event the dolls can be sold for $50 every, what amount of demand is important for the Tiny Trisha doll in order to even? 625 Dolls 6. 6