On Translation of English Proverbs Essay

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Published: 16.10.2019 | Words: 196 | Views: 785
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Summary? Proverbs, which derive coming from life will be the condensation and embodiment in the language and culture of your nation.

Saying is a form of literature, it is terseness and depth is definitely the result of fine sand washing by rough sea and getting rid of the brand and picking the essential throughout language tradition development. The proverb gets the bright characteristic of a country. Because of the differences of religious philosophy, habits and customs, fable and fantasy and lifestyle and skill, English proverbs and China proverbs carry on the different national cultural qualities and details. In translation, these cultural elements are definitely the main issues and they form the influencing element of the translation of The english language proverbs.

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This essay uses some common examples to state four factors through inspecting, comparing and concluding from the point of geographical environment, customs, spiritual beliefs and historical culture. In order to present an adequate translation of a saying, we can work with four translation methods flexibly: literal translation, free translation, substitution translation and literal translation put together with free translation. Key words: The english language proverb affecting factor translation method?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????:???