Opium War: Was Britain completely in the wrong? Essay

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The British were wrong if you take the option of trading opium since by trading opium, they would be jeopardising the well-being of an complete country. Nonetheless they only achieved it because the Oriental were refusing to transact, so therefore it is only partially Britains fault.

The “Opium War” also known as the Anglo-Chinese conflict began in 1839. That started being a conflict over trading among Britain and China. China was refusing to trade because that they didn’t want anything. At some point the British were able to control opium within the black market. China did nearly everything to stop the opium getting traded but nothing could end it.

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This eventually induced the conflict. Was Great britain Completely in the wrong? No . Although they had been the ones that began the opium trade, Customer still partly to blame. The subsequent points will be argued for the fact that both sides offered and nor were completely wrong: · The development of trading opium by Britain · The stupidity of the Chinese revitalizing the English and judging them to always be bad by war. · And The money grubbing treaty created by the British But firstly, the refusal for trade and the terrible regulations that China put upon the British traders.

There was a requirement for China tea, cotton and porcelain in the west, even though there was practically nothing that the west could offer to trade with China, because of the simple reason that they didn’t want nearly anything and had been refusing to trade to get things that they didn’t require. The Chinese language didn’t realise how hard these people were making the situation. A British guy, Lord Bill John Nappier was delivered to China to try and extend United kingdom trading pursuits. He was informed that he could simply address him self to the Hong Merchants and that he could just live in Guangzhou during trading season.

When he refused to leave, Lu Kun, Texas chief of Guangzhou prohibited all the buying and selling to the English after which ordered each of the withdrawal coming from all Chinese labour from them. What were the British to accomplish? The polices were also harsh plus the British couldn’t trade regardless of what they tried.

In this circumstance, The Oriental were certainly in the wrong because they didn’t consider the requires of the Uk and they were to stubborn to trade since they believed they were more superior. Secondly, The uk introduced the opium to China mainly because they sold out of selections. Since China and tiawan ignored Britain’s proposal to trade, Great britain had to get some other method they could get the bits and pieces that they needed. They started to illegally export opium for the black market, aware of the outcomes. The result was a widespread craving throughout Cina causing serious social and economic dysfunction in China.

Britain was most definitely inside the wrong with this choice because absolutely nothing can make the trading of opium sensible. The cost is too painful. Nonetheless it was China’s fault in the fist place that they didn’t want to establish trading with Britain. Thirdly, the stupidity in the Chinese stimulating the Uk and judging them to always be hopeless for fighting triggered them loosing the warfare.

The Chinese language were ignorant, and they thought that all the British were awful compared to these people. Lin Zexu says, “Besides guns, the barbarian military do not know using fist or swords… Therefore , what is named their electrical power can be controlled without difficulty. ” Unfortunately Lin Zexu was wrong about this. The underestimation of the United kingdom made the Chinese deprived because they will weren’t well prepared enough and far unorganised. All their weapons had been completely worthless against those of the United kingdom.

Chinese urban centers were after that captured and Chinese citizen’s soldiers were forced to surrender. Therefore China’s stupidity and bad enterprise skills in such a case were to blame for the opium war and the loss. Thus China was, in this case was at the wrong. The major factor is the money grubbing treaty of the Uk. Once the Oriental had misplaced the battle, they had no choice but to sign a treaty written by the British.

A large number of unreasonable discissions were made in preference of the British including many unjust obligations. China was completely demoralised and Great britain was in an unacceptable for making all of them sign this kind of unfair treaty. They had taken advantage of China and tiawan when they shouldn’t have.

To summarize this discussion, neither Cina nor Britain was drastically wrong or right with all their decisions. They equally contributed to the war and so it was both equally their wrong doing. China’s refusal for control was incorrect because these were being selfish and stubborn and they weren’t considering the wellbeing of others. Britain was incorrect in launching opium because nothing may justify the trading of opium and it shouldn’t have actually been an option to control it.

The uk was as well in the incorrect by creating a treaty inside their favour since China is at a weak position.