Ownership of Two Contrasting Businesses Essay

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Published: 20.11.2019 | Words: 209 | Views: 427
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Asda is the second largest dealer in the UK, and it has been the largest subsidiary in the Wal-Mart family of companies as 1999.

The UK’s superstore sector has also become more competitive. This match between retailers in the marketplace helps to keep prices down. It also makes sure organisations usually produce and sell the goods that consumers totally desire. Asda is usually engaged in foodstuff, clothes, electric and household furniture selling.

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Consumers like selling price competition, mainly because it means they can buy goods at affordable prices and spend less. Asda can be described as large national company that makes a profit in fact it is private as well. Asda includes a limited liability which means that they could lose the money they have committed to a business. This company is a great incorporated business and it is also a public limited company.

The primary aims and objectives of Asda happen to be: Oxfam is known as a small not-for-profit organisation in fact it is a global company because it operates in countries all over the world. It is possessed by Oxfam Trading Limited Companies and it is in non-public sector. The main aims and objective of the company will be: